Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Monday Mornings Bite!!!

This morning I woke up in a kid sandwich...and started sweating til one, or both, got out of the bed. It was 8, so that wasn't too terrible!! At 8:30 Sam was callin for me in the bathroom...and she had a dry one! YAY!!! That hasn't happened in a long time!! She wanted me to get dressed right away, yet climbed into the bed with me to giggle and chat! Love these moments!!

After breakfast I made them both wait til 10 to go next door and see if anyone could play. I don't even think Sam got outside before DJ was back in saying K had chores to do, and when he was done he'd come over to play. Well, my plan was to leave at 11 to go do books at the shed, but we were delayed of course, and it wasn't til 11:45 that we headed out...I dropped something off next door and K ended up coming with us after all. Both kids were very happy to have him tag along to watch a movie in the truck while I worked on the books.

When we got home an hour or so later I got right into making lunch. Sam cracked me up! She wanted a cheese pizza...so I thought I'd make her one on a tortilla....she was happy with that choice. I get the cheese out, ask if she wants olives, she jumped up and down and said "YES", so I got those out. I asked if she wanted sauce on the pizza...and she said no. So I say her to "so, you want a quesadilla then?" and she says "Yes, cheese pizza"  Cracked me up! She ate it all up too!! DJ had his standard Cubano sandwich....me, I had the trusty old salad! lol

After lunch I was getting the kitchen cleaned up when my phone rang...it was the lady who I'd called to do acrylic nails on me, and she wasn't ready for me to be her client yet. I don't want tips...I want sculpted nails like what I had years ago! Tips annoy me and feel cheap. This lady hadn't done them in a long time, so she practiced over the weekend and isn't ready for me, so we rescheduled for two weeks. Which meant my afternoon just freed up!! The sun was playing peek-a-boo with us, but never did show up for long. The boys next door came over to play, so I sent them all downstairs to play. I debated going out and getting the garden planted, but wasn't really in the "mood" to do that....plus I had plans to meet up a new client and deliver her order to her. Shortly after 4 I called to the kids to get in the truck, they were outside playing well, and we headed off to Sultan. Well, wouldn't ya know it, we got caught at a light waiting to go left...across the street the train tracks signal was going off...and one by one we saw maintenance vehicles cruise along...they were spaced about a minute apart...and they kept on coming. Fortunately I was right at the gas station's driveway, and popped in there and cut across to the highway. Yes, I cheated the system, but man it was taking SO long!! We did enjoy watching a truck drive backwards on the tracks...that was interesting.

We got home seconds before Howie did, and DJ took off to play with the boys while Sam came in with us...she had to pee...and then she forgot about going out to play. Instead she played with us in the living room...and Howie at one point said to her "you would have liked being and only child" and she looks at him and says "yeah" HA!!!!! She had no clue what he was saying, but agreed with him anyways...wonder where she learned that from!!?!?!

After dinner the kids begged to go back outside, and Howie said yes much to my surprise! I think he just wanted to watch the end of the hockey game in peace...but that's just a guess. They did, however, come back in for their vanilla ice cream that they watched me make in the vitamix. Howie then surprised them again telling them they could go back out...but the boys had gone in, so they came in and got jammies on and went to bed.

We then settled in to watch DWTS and eat our own bowls of ice cream. Now, I'm really torn as to who I want to win. Chelsea is FANTASTIC...truly!! She's got some natural talent for sure!! And Hines, being the only male left standing has shown his growth for sure!!! Kirstie, has owned it!! She has definitely grown leaps and bounds!! The lifts she and Maks pulled off tonite were amazing!! And for a woman who's 60 to be doing a cartwheel on the dance floor in HEELS truly deserves that mirror ball! I can't do one and I'm 30 years younger *snicker*  If I was a votin woman, Kirstie would have gotten my vote hands down!!! Gonna be close!

Then the Bachelorette aired its first episode of the season....oh my stars they're getting nutjobs applying these days! Tim and his drunken self...sad! I'd be ashamed to be his mama! Very glad Ashley put him in the limo before the nite was even done! And the guy from WA didn't make it past first round...but had me laughing when he said "she was the one"...PUHLEEZE!!! You just met her! lol The masked stranger, I get what he's doing, but in the preview clips, he's sleeping in it, and wearing it 24/7...yeah, not cool. I get the whole first nite thing, but to carry it on is just too much. And Bentley...knowing what she knew about him BEFORE he even came out of the limo would make me want to put him back in the limo and be done with that drama nonsense! Glad I'm not single!!! Sheesh!

While all this was going on on my screen, I was struggling at the needles...seems I'd twisted last nite's efforts and had to frog it...then for the life of me, I couldn't cast on the right amount properly. Either had too much yarn, or not enough...quite frustrating! Finally got it sorted and was extra careful not to get it twisted again....we're golden now! Whew!

Til next time...God bless!

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