Monday, May 9, 2011

Happy Mudder's Day!!!

This morning I woke up to DJ on one side, and Sam trying to get in on Howie's side, and he was absent, which kind of confused me for a minute. DJ got up to go find him and stayed out there (I could hear them talking) and since it was only just after 7, I told Sam she could get up too, and to close the door on her way out. Well, she got up, and closed the door, and got back in bed! Which surprised me really...she's usually wants to be awake if DJ is! Took a couple minutes, but she went back to sleep, and so did I!! NICE!! Next thing I know, its 9:15 and I hear the shower running...awesome!! So I kiss Sleeping SamSam awake when Howie got out of the bathroom. DJ came in to check on everyone and found me awake, so he and Sam took off to get something.

He came back in the room with a big box and Sam was behind him with the cards. Since DJ was in charge (according to him) I opened the gift first...and it was just what I wanted!!! Half calf rubber boots in an animal print!! With pink insides!! Apparently there was great debate when they were shopping for them, DJ wanted print, and Sam wanted the polka dot ones...I'd've been happy either way! There were also a pair of beautiful blue Mechanix utility gloves for the garden....the ones I have now, have holes in the fingers, so these will definitely come in handy!!! The cards were great too!! The one from the kids had these two dogs on the front wishing their mom a happy mother's day and in the end, they end up fighting about who's getting the last word....SO my kids!!! Its perfect, really!!! And Howie's card was just beautifully sentimental...he's got quite the knack for picking cards, I must say!!!

Since no one was dressed for church yet, we all got busy getting ready to head out...breakfast was simple, DJ had already eaten, but Sam hadn't and she said she wasn't hungry, so she had a breakfast bar and so did Howie, I had a bowl of cereal with strawberries and out the door we went! We actually made it there on time today!!!! If we had stopped at starbux like I wanted to, we would have been we saved it til after church. The sermon was good, we're starting a series with the premise of One Month To Live. Even the Sunday school classes are based on the book, so the sermons are like an overview I'm guessing. DJ did great too, he sat between us and wasn't as fidgety, which was nice.

Once we got home I got started on lunch right away...we had whole afternoon of nothing planned!! Gotta love that! The kids went out to play, I got busy cleaning the kitchen, and getting lunch prep done for the week, Howie...he was on the couch! Where I should have been!!!!!! lol He wasn't there long tho, he went down to the garage and did some tidying/cleaning and installed a two new lights in the garage so we can SEE!!! Before I knew it, it was 5:00!! I hadn't so much as sat down! So I put the butternut squash in the oven for dinner and laid on the couch!!  I got all of 15 mins of shut eye and this cold little person came to snuggle on the couch with me...oh and pout, cuz Daddy told her to come inside! She was chilled!

I got to talk with my mom twice today...once after church and then just before dinner...she was waiting to hear from my oldest brother and then that would make it official to have talked to all of her children in the same day!! She likes those days!!! I hope she knows that I love her immensely and that a piece of paper won't do it justice! She did get to see my little sister today, and spend time with her. I thought back to her first Mother's was 50 years ago...she would have been pregnant with my oldest brother at the time...almost ready to give birth even!! I still count that as her first in waiting.

After dinner the kids played a bit and then got ready for bed....I kept on with the laundry (moms don't stop working!!!!) and then got on brushing and flossing of the teeth! I must say, the kids are getting incredibly better with the hand washing...and not resisting it when I ask them to go wash up! That's awesome!! DJ even brushed his own teeth from the get go tonite...with a little help, but he's wanting to take that responsibility on. Pretty cool!! They both went down easy with lots of kisses....I loved hearing "Happy Mother's Day Mama" about 100864 times today!!! Every time they saw me I got greeted with that and a hug! Right up there with my birthday really!

Howie went to bed at 9 when the dvr took over recording two things...Amazing Race finale, and Desperate Housewives. I'm VERY pleased the sisters won the Race....didn't want the Globetrotters or the guy friends to win...the father/daughter duo or the sisters were my pick! I also found it interesting that the sisters hadn't won any leg!! They weren't first, or last in any leg....just for the one that counts they were first! The waxing part had me in stitches I was laughing SO hard!!!! Those poor guys getting left half waxed...priceless!!

I started the skirt again, only this time I'm going much slower and checking my work a little more closely....thinking of entering this one in the fair in August...we'll see. I'm sure I'll have a couple or four to choose from :D

Til next time...God bless!

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