Wednesday, May 25, 2011

What any responsible adult would do!

This morning the kids were up just after 8, which was pleasant...and I had them riled up before breakfast with news that K and C were coming over for the morning to play. And today, they all played SO incredibly well together! At one point they were in Sam's room and I opened the door to check on them, DJ was in the rocking chair, the other three sitting on the bed, and the hopscotch mat was out. SO cute! Then later on, the living room looked a bit like an infirmary, DJ and Sam with pillows and blankets, K under the entertainment tower, he'd blocked himself in with the kids chairs, and C walkin around  checking on everyone. Made me chuckle.

About noon I sent the boys home as I needed to run and do the pizza run and the book drop...DJ got told he could stay  behind, which upset Sam a bit until I told her we were going to the bank and that she'd get a sucker! She calmed right down after that! Once she got it, she opened it right away, and actually did really good with this one, this is the longest she's sucked on it...she hasn't figured out how to bite it, and I hope she doesn't!

After we dropped everything off, we headed for home and I made us lunch. DJ had already eaten next door, and I got a full report from K on what he ate, it was cute. When we got home our neighbour from up the street (Belle's grandpa?) was here splitting logs...he'd stopped by yesterday to see if it was alright for him to come during the day. Sam was enthralled to watch from the back deck...Snickers wasn't too pleased with the noise of it all...but once he stopped, she ventured out to say hi.

About 2:30 I had a dilemma....nap while all the kids were outside playing, or plant the garden!!! The nap was winning as Thursday is wide open!! But then I checked the weather, and its supposed to rain the next 9 days...grrrrrrrr. So I did what any responsible adult would do...go plant the garden!! Glad I did too...feels good to have it done! The starts I bought were very that the pumpkins needs a raised bed, and the cucumbers like I did just that! I need a few more tomato stands for the peppers and squash, you can train them to grow up and save room in the garden. And Howie needs to fashion me something trellis like for the peas when they grow. I tried a few new things...asparagus and corn, as well as the peppers...but the rest is old hat from last year. Here's hoping for a bountiful year!

After dinner we bathed the kids...Sam in the bath, and DJ in the shower....then Howie had one since he was wet from helping DJ, and once I got the kids settled with their ice cream, I went and had one! All four of us clean in under an hour...amazing! It CAN be done! Good to know! Then I brushed their teeth and we tucked them in!

My plan then was to watch Idol....but the hockey game was one....and the Canucks were down by one...this house has been divided with this series in the playoffs. While Howie's a Canuck fan, he likes the Sharks better. So now that they won, in a rather tense game!!, he'll be cheering WITH me instead of against me! What a game tho!! He went to bed after and I had my pick of what to watch. I chose Idol, and hit record on DWTS results since I'd rather skip commercials altogether!  Lauren was AMAZING tonite! Truly! She got my vote...about 10 times too! Gotta love redial!

Then I watched the season finale of Glee...I just love the original songs!!!! Bummed they didn't place in Nationals...even tho its a tv show, I wasn't expecting that really. THEN I finally watched DWTS...when Chelsea got 3rd place, I thought for sure that Kirstie had it in the bag!! I really did!! I was shocked, but pleasantly surprised, that Hines won!!! Any one of the 3 tonite deserved to win, so it really didn't matter to me!!

With the hockey game on I didn't get to my knitting early tonite....that was really too tense to sit and knit to...but I did get the top layer done on skirt 5, and got all the stitches on one needle ready for joining tomorrow nite. Howie then scared the crap outta me by coming out of the bedroom...he can't he's reading on the couch as I type, and I'm gonna go hog the bed all to myself! I didn't get to watch The Voice tonite...far too much on tv tonite! And its not at the 'reality' part yet, so its all good!

Til next time...God bless!

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