Sunday, May 15, 2011

Cake showers

Today was a double party day for DJ...he's been excited for this day to come for about 10 days!!! When I woke up at 9:30 I knew I wasn't going to be the one to take him to his Awana I got up and got him dressed to go, and Howie got himself ready to go to take him. Sam and I stayed back and I made us breakfast....the entire time Sam was going on and on about wearing a party dress today! Oh she was incorrigible!! Incessant! So before I hopped in the shower I got her dressed in her butterfly dress with a butterfly necklace and pretty bow in her hair. She was more than happy then and left me alone to get ready.

We got out the door a bit late, and then hit some serious traffic on Hwy 2 due to the swap meet...never seen so many people there for that! Thankfully he was busy playing with his goody bag when I went in to get him. He didn't have pizza face, but his shirt showed signs of his eating it recently...he's such a boy! Before we left I made him pee and wash his hands and tried to get the pizza off his shirt. He was talking non-stop about the party and it was cute!

Once we were back on the road, we headed to Lynnwood for a birthday party for Howie's friend's grandson....he'll be 2 on the 18th and today was party day! My kids were SO eager to give Tylin his present that they picked out last weekend...and they had both been looking forward to it. Thankfully our nice spurt of sunshine held on one more day! Sure was windy tho, but in the sun, it didn't matter!!! Our kids took to Darrell's backyard toys like they'd been coming over every weekend! Lots of toddler activity going on and they fit right in...even if they were the whitest kids at the party!! Man, we need SUN!! As the kids were eating the cake, which they didn't care for with the pineapple chunks in the icing, Samantha sneezed and showered me with blue cake...NOT pretty! And Howie couldn't stop laughing! WHEN will she learn to cover her mouth!?!? Or better yet, not take the bite when you feel a sneeze coming on!!!

About 4 we said our goodbyes and headed for costco to get cereal for the kids....they really do NOT like the Cherrios....and it was on sale at costco, so I'm good with that. Then we hit up Joann's so I could use my two coupons! :) Then Freddy's for the boys to hit the bathroom before we got on the highway for home. Before I even hit the Interstate, all 3 of them were sound asleep!! Snoring away!!! Talk about a nice drive home! Altho, I wished I'd pulled over and joined them for that nap!! But I knew I'd have kids up til midnite if that I kept on driving!! It was close to 6 when we got home, and I knew dinner wasn't going to happen right away...we were still feeling the fullness of the bbq we just came home from. About 6:30 I got started on french toast...I found some whole wheat raisin bread and baked it in the oven...DELISH!!!! The kids both liked it too! K came over just as we were sitting down, so he came in and waited while we ate....and discovered all the kids new grab bag toys. The pirate eye patches were a HIT! So funny to see them wearing them and saying "Argh matey"

Bed time was later due to the nap too, but they were in bed by 9 at least, not too bad. When I came out of DJ's room Howie had the next episode of The Voice on, the first round of battles...and he was blown away by some of them!! Then, since he'd also napped, we watched an episode of Dexter...I think its starting to grow on me...I just REALLY wish Netflix would put closed captioning on their stuff! It drives me nuts when I can't hear or see what they're talking about....and I can only have it so loud...

After that Howie went downstairs to play on the ps2 and I watched a movie that I really had no clue about but ended up really liking! Easy A...great movie!!! The fact that they referenced to my all time fave movie, Can't Buy Me Love, made it even better in my eyes!!! Just the chick flick I needed tonite! I'd been asked to go to Bingo, but it wasn't til I would have had to leave that Jackie texted to ask me if I was going (I'd completely forgot) and I was too snug in my chair to get up and go, so I passed.

Got the bottom layer of skirt 4 done, and started on the top layer...did the bottom one a wee bit different so that the red layer doesn't show thru when they're joined together....I know, it makes no sense to you, but it does to me!

Til next time...God bless!

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