Thursday, May 26, 2011

"I made a decision actually"

This morning I was pleasantly surprised when we all woke up, albeit in the same bed, at 8:30!! I am treasuring these sleep ins since I know that school is right around the corner!! Sure makes homeschooling more appealing! After breakfast we missed the knock at the door...and I got a message from my neighbour that K and C were at the door and no one she sent them back over!

Well, last nite I'd had Howie get the dog kennel out of the garage so I could clean it up and get it ready for Belle's arrival on Friday. I'd forgotten about it this morning, and when I came out of the bedroom I found this:

Then they switched to this...

Then when K and C came over, they all took turns being the "doggy"...

You don't even wanna know how tempted I was to let them all crawl in there, lock it and go for a nap! BUT like yesterday, I'm a responsible adult! LOL  That and they went outside to watch Larry chop more wood.

They all had lunch here, pizza again, and then when we were done, I shooed the boys home so my two could concentrate on  getting themselves ready to go to the dentist. I have to say, I'm VERY glad I'm the one taking them to these appointments as Howie's a scaredy cat about going...these two, are just like me, "let's GO!!" and they enjoy it! In fact, not one tear, and Sam didn't call to have me in the room with her while her teeth were cleaned. THAT'S impressive!!! I did sneak in at the end tho while the dentist was in there doing the check up...counting Sam's teeth and pointing out DJ's potential cavity. Such good kids!!  Now, when it comes time for a filling or something major, I may say the opposite...we'll see! I can remember many times yelling for my mom to come hold my hand....then again, I never lost a tooth naturally, they were all yanked out the minute they were loose, or so it felt like!

We came home and DJ went straight next door to play...Sam wanted to go too, but didn't like that her feet were getting wet from the she came in to change into boots, and decided to stay in with me. It wasn't long after that Howie came home from work and went to bed. He's gotta work tonite, and he slept so crappy last nite! So to keep things quiet Sam and I put on a Barney dvd and laid low. DJ came home about 5 and joined us picking his own dvd to watch. After dinner he had to go to the bathroom as I was cleaning up the kitchen, and he calls me and says "I made a decision actually..." to which I reply "oh yeah? What's that?" and he says "I'll wipe my bum during the day, and you wipe it at nite okay?" I couldn't help but laugh at his logic!! And help him of course...rascal!

Dinner was casual, in that we left overs...and added to it, triscuits with mushroom mousse...don't tell the kids it wasn't cream cheese!!! They GOBBLED them up!!! So yummy! Patiently they waited for the time to go wake Daddy up, and that was right before book time. Then once they were in bed, we started watching Idol. I'd done extremely well staying off any social media before seeing the results myself! So I was pleasantly surprised that Scotty won...even tho I voted for Lauren! They both have done fantastic! That and WAY more teenaged girls vote than it was a given! lol  But seriously, do we REALLY need TWO hours of crap beforehand!?!?! TWO HOURS!!!!!! And Lady GagGag is NOT family entertainment...she's just outright stupidity! Neither is watching JLo shake her booty....but at least we've been watching her all season. And what she sees in Marc, I'll never know!

Howie left for work before the results were in, and I have yet to call him and tell him....I will when I get in bed....the big glorious bed ALL to myself again!!!!! Hey, its nice once in a while! I also watched the finales of Modern Family, which had me crackin up! and Cougar Town, I could handle it being an hour long show every week! and Happy Endings, which unfortunately got the axe and won't be back, so it wasn't a season finale, it was a series! 

Til next time...God bless!

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  1. I was really happy for Scotty too. he seems to be genuinely (sp??) humble and sweet & yet totally together. I think hes going to be Idol's new big success story. Lauren is so young, in spirit and in her state of mind, she will blossom in a year or 2 and do just fine. I agree, the rest of the show was needless filler. Lady Gaga is great to listen to, hateful to watch (or am I just too old?). Mark Anthony must have 'hidden talents' cause he sure isnt good looking. now JaLo, she can shake her booty anytime she wants, that woman is HOT. If I were gay, i'd be totally daydreaming about her.


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