Sunday, May 8, 2011

Roadside enterainment

This morning was glorious!! I slept in til 9:30 and then didn't get out of bed til just about 10! Delicious!!! When I got up the kids were excited to see me, they'd eaten and Sam was's a start! Howie hadn't eaten yet, so I got started on an omelet for us...and making our salad lunches as I'd be eating on the road today.

Since I was in no rush to get out the door really, I did the dishes and got it running...then got ready to head out for the day. While I was getting ready, so was everyone else...they were heading out shopping for tomorrow's festivities....for which the kids are anxious!!! To them its like its my birthday again! We all left at the same time and they headed to Woodinville and I headed to Everett! On the way out of town, the traffic slowed when it should have been picking up pace...turns out we had a dancing jogger on the other side of the road...gotta love it!

Since most of my deliveries were books today it went pretty smoothly...and I got to chat with my fave long time customer for an hour in her driveway!! Nice to catch up! I then had to hit up Walmart (where else!?!?!) to use their, the plan was to stop in, go to the loo, get the two items I needed and get out! Yeah, right!! First off, the bathroom at the front of the store was closed for cleaning....and so if you wanted to wait, there was a line, or you could use the bathroom at the back of the store...which I didn't know existed! So I trudge back there ignoring all the clothing racks and clearance racks...even by passing the yarn!! Use the bathroom and continue on my circle loop of the store to get to where I really want to be. Well, I pass by the bike section and I spot a sweet red bike for a certain almost 5 year old! I've had bad luck in finding a bike for him for the past two months! I call Howie and tell him about it, send a pic of it and he says get it! So I did!! And a helmet cuz he really needs a new one! The bike is red, so we got him a Buzz Lightyear helmet and it came with a bell!

So as I'm walking the bike up to the front, I pass the pet section...and end up with a bowl for Belle, it matches Snickers' bowl, and chews for both of them,  and then finally the two items I was in there for! Whew!  Much more expensive than I'd bargained for! But worth it, the shopping for DJ is DONE!! When I get back in the car I finally ate my lunch!! Then back on the road for the last 5 stops! One of which is my real g/f Joanne where DJ's bike is currently hiding in her garage! Can't bring it home!!! And definitely can't hide it at the neighbour's house!!! I then took a couple minutes to visit my crafty friend Joann...had two coupons and needed the white and blue for Sam's skirt...and elastic. 

Finally just after 5 I was on the highway for home!!! Now, it had been somewhat sunny all day, with a few cloudy periods, and some chilly wind, but on the way home, those clouds just opened up and dumped all they had in them!! No holds barred!!  At one point it started hailing too!! We definitely need new wipers on that car!! Just awful! It was almost 6:15 when I got home and in the door. Greeted with great big hugs and 'welcome home mama' from sweet! Then the three of us laid on the couch and snuggled a bit...they were both bursting with wanting to tell me what they bought! Positively BURSTING!!! They did get something gardening gloves each...DJ's are Lightning McQueen and Sam's are Princess....yay, I get help in the garden.....

After dinner I bathed the kids even tho it was later than normal...but they were both in bed by 8;30ish, not too bad....I then cleaned up the kitchen and got the coffee ready for morning while Howie watched Stargate, which doesn't interest me in the least! It was almost 9:20 when I finally sat down to relax!!! Howie went to bed at 9:30 and I put on Get Smart...the new version. What a cute movie!! Almost like I remember the show being, stupidly funny! Steve Carrell is just fantastic in those kinds of roles. Then since it was still relatively early,  I watched the royal wedding again, but with the Canadian coverage...the rest after the kisses (there were TWO!!) was just nonsense, so I deleted the program!

It was then that I'd finished the bottom layer of the skirt...and counted my mistakes...EIGHT of them!!!! Far too many for my liking, so I frogged it! Man, I hate doing that!! *sigh* Start all over tomorrow....

Til next time...God bless!

P.S...the second part of the roadside entertainment was seeing a clown walking on the road in Lynnwood...just and odd sight really!

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