Thursday, May 19, 2011

Walking on Sunshine!!

Today is day two of sunshine!!!!! We're supposed to hit 70 by Friday...such a welcome change!!!! This morning I was pleased to find no children in bed with me when I woke at 7 to wasn't long tho til DJ joined me, and went back to sleep...and then Sam came in and went back to sleep...I love my dark room!! Next thing I know, its 9:24 and we're just getting up!! What a treat!

After breakfast the kids go outside to play while I get ready for a coffee/tea date with an Avon I'm getting Sam in the truck, my neighbour says they can stay behind and play if they want to...well, DJ's all over that, so I give Sam the choice, and she wants to stay off I go with music cranked in the truck by myself!! SWEET!!!!! I got there right at our appointed time and checked to see if she was there...she wasn't, so I went and grabbed the 8 items I needed while there, specifically pull-ups for SamSam and salads for lunch...head back to Starbux and she's still not there. What does etiquette say about being stood up for a coffee date? How long does one stick around?? I got myself an iced chai and caught up on twitter and facebook on my phone before heading out. I did call her on her cell, but no answer, so I left a message that said I'd be waiting 10 minutes more, which ended up being 15, and then was heading back home. I stopped at Ben's just to walk around since I was kidless...but nothing caught  my eye....I have enough yarn on hand to keep doing what I'm doing! Then headed for home since there wasn't anything else I wanted/needed.

Got home and my neighbour had fed the kids pb+j sammies and apples...and they were all happily playing outside...I'm not the only one enjoying this sunshine!! I chatted with Lara for a half hour or more before Sam needed to pee, so she and I headed in...I made my lunch and she snacked on prentzels (where the 'n' came from....) and hummus. Then back out side they went...DJ came in for milk and cookies. They shall sleep well tonite!!! :D

About 3:30 I headed out to the garden to go rock there sure are a lot of rocks!!! Once I turn the soil and let it air dry a bit, the rocks start pokin thru, so I collected them and kept digging a bunch more up. My hope is to get some topsoil this weekend and get it planted! I put the plants outside that I bought last weekend so they'd get some sun. No sense killing them before I get 'em planted! The kids were having a ball at the park while I was tending to my rock garden....the two older ones next door took all the younger ones to the swing park. They enjoyed themselves!

Howie got home just as I was making sketti sauce for dinner...and he went right back out to work in the yard...the kids were in and out at this point...and finally it was dinner time to their delight! Afterwards I bathed Samantha and Howie showered DJ, which I had no clue about til clean DJ came into the bathroom looking to get his teeth brushed!! HA! That sure made things quicker for me! And less rushed!!! They even got to bed before 8:30!! Didn't take them long to fall asleep either....gotta love that fresh air!

We then watched a battle on, its down to the nitty gritty now! And I'm torn...I'd absolutely LOVE a country strong finale...Scotty and Lauren....but when was the last time we had two females left at the finale? I'm just not a fan of Hayley...never have I want Scotty and Lauren at the end! Should be interesting!!! It was also finale nite for some sitcoms I watch, and thoroughly enjoyed watching them while sewing up the 4th skirt. I should be able to get a pic of Sam in hers tomorrow and post it on facebook.

Til next time...God bless!

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