Thursday, May 12, 2011

Tonite Howie got to see the little boy

I've been bragging about!!!

What little boy??

OUR little boy! The one who, when he's not with us, actually is a pretty good kid!! :)

This morning was pretty good...the kids slept til after 8 and it was good! Especially since it was after 2:30 by the time I went to sleep after getting Howie up for work. The sippy in the morning is the trick...and its not interfering with breakfast much, so that's good. Speaking of breakfast...DJ got his cereal ready and was about to pour the milk (the gallon jug is close to empty) when he had to pee, so off he went to take care of business. Miss Samantha, wanting to prove she can do what DJ does, came right up to the counter, on the stool and poured the milk on her own cereal...she got enough milk for the 3 of us in her bowl!!! OOPS!!!!!! So I scooped it out and told DJ he could do it tomorrow. She sure was proud of herself anyway!

About 11 DJ asked to go next door, so I let one answered, so he came right back...and he let me know he listened to me. Since they couldn't play outside thanks to rain, again, I made a fort for them in the living room and they were more than happy with that. We sat and watched Dora together on the chair til lunchtime and then they ate in their fort. To keep Snickers from bugging at them I gave her a ham bone outside on the covered part of the deck....everyone's happy then!!

As we were just finishing the last bites of Sam's lunch Howie came home...kissed us all hello and goodnite and went to take a nap for a couple hours. So, to keep the kids quiet for the most part we put netflix on and checked out the new movies...DJ found one instantly, Curious George 2...done! The three of us snuggled on the couch for a while til Sam decided she wanted to be on a chair instead. Then it was musical couch with mama....why were they always cold when they got under the blanket with me!?!? I was having a hard enough time getting warm all by myself!! Today was the day I wished we had a tanning bed handy....great way to warm up!!!

Finally at 3:30 we all went to wake him up....I'm sure he just loved having all 3 of us on the bed with him too! I shooed the kids out and got him I could crawl into his warm spot fully clothed just to try and warm up!!! It worked too!!! Once my toes thawed out I got up and hopped in the shower for tonite's festivities. When I came out Howie had dinner on the way to the grill and I jumped in for my part, the veggies part...and we ate just after 5 which was good timing. The goal was to be on the road by 6 and we accomplished that with ease!!!!

When we got to the church DJ's class was right there lining I took his coat, made him recite his last and final verse, and we went in to find a place to sit. Within minutes Jake joined us....he came to watch DJ get his award for completing his book. Turns out, he really came to embarrass me by clapping THE LOUDEST when I got my perfect attendance award and my 1 year service pin...such a crazy nut!!!! Where we were sitting we could see DJ, but he didn't see us for the longest time as he was paying attention for the most part. This is the little boy Howie finally got to see...I see it every week when I peek in his it was nice for him to see it too! Sam did well too, once she got a pen and paper to draw on...but once the clapping started, she was all for that! She also wanted to go up and get an year will be her turn. At the end we met up with DJ's teacher and she handed out a goody bag...well, Miss Samantha was not pleased with this turn of events! He got a windmill, candy AND bubbles!!!! So I hung out and waited til she was done handing them out and she had left overs, so I asked for one for Sam....had a very happy girl!! We parted with Jake and went to Freddy's to get salad for lunches. We were still home by 8 with the little pit stop and got the kids ready for bed right away.

Once they were settled we put Idol on....we're down to the final four!!! James came out and set the bar HIGH!!!!!! Especially since that song has been revived by Glee in the last couple years. He does that little screech thing tho that I wish he'd stop doing. Hayley picked an unknown song...yes, she sang with passion, but it didn't connect, at least not with me, or the judges for that matter. Scotty did a FANTASTIC job with the Alan Jackson song!! And Lauren killed the Martina song!!!! It really is down to the nitty gritty now! The second round wasn't so hot for me...maybe it was the Gaga, she is just ODD!!!!! Beautiful voice, but I prefer not to watch her as she's distracting. I wonder if she consults with clowns for her makeup...oh, wait, I bet clowns are consulting HER!!!!!!! That's it!! lol
So my'll be Hayley going home tomorrow....

Survivor was good!!! I love how Rob covered his ass with his comments to Grant in his camera time...its not personal, it's a game! Why he's hanging on to Philip is beyond me!!!! Truly!! Finale is on Sunday and we'll finally learn once and for all if he's for real! I'm also intrigued as to how they're gonna make Redemption Island into one person again instead of 4! This twist on the game is twisted!

I'm just about done the skirt for SamSam...a few more rows on the ribbing, then sew it up and make the tie for it...wish I knew someone I could buy crochet flowers from....I tried looking for them in the store, but they're not available that I could see. They'd make a nice embellishment to the skirts. Maybe I'll hang around the yarn section some day and ask people if they knit or crochet LOL....or I could try eBay or etsy...hmmm, that's an idea!

Til next time...God bless!

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  1. I can crochet flowers for you. I have a book with tons of patterns and all kinds of scrap yarn. What colours would you like? and how big? how many? any special flower? I am away right now but when i get home I will send you a link for the book or some sample photos to choose from.


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