Monday, May 30, 2011

Freddy Fast Fingers strikes again!!

This morning Belle made a few noises at 6:30 but settled herself til 7:30 when she really started whining to go out...Howie got up with her since he was heading to work anyways....DJ got up and came into bed with me, but when he heard Howie talking to Belle he got out of bed and went to them.  While he was in the shower, the kids came in to tell me Belle pooped in  the living room and it was "nasty"...they were SO right!! Liquid poop is not anyone's idea of fun dog poop....not that dog poop is fun to begin with! UGH!!!!

Howie left for work and we ate our breakfast....after which I then put DJ in the bath since he got home too late for one last nite. While he was in soaking off the grime, I got Sam dressed...when we walked into her room, there was yet another glorious mess of liquid poop!!!! At which point I raise my voice and say "THIS IS WHY YOU NEED TO KEEP YOUR DOOR CLOSED AT ALL TIMES!!" I sure hope she gets it! DOUBLE UGH!!! I deal with it and spray febreeze over it but neglected to open the window...rookie mistake too! Sorry SamSam!

Even tho we were all up at 7:30, and I bathed DJ...we still couldn't get out of the house to get to church in time! Drop Sam off at her class and DJ and I head in...found the row reserved for late arrivals, boy, that fit us perfectly! ha! I even had a chuckle when I read that. DJ was an absolute BEAR this morning too! As soon as Pastor Dan started talking he ate his fruit snacks as per usual...then he needed to pee, and since I'm tired of him interrupting the sermon for me, I told him he could go on his own and he started making a big stink about it...til I told him I had fig newtons for him, then he quickly went and came back! Imagine that! Then he started kicking the back of the chair in front of him, thankfully there was no one sitting in it, but that's not the point. I grabbed his knee and squeezed and he let out the biggest yelp which instantly made me go red in the face and just stare straight ahead!!!!! OY!!! Mercifully, he fell asleep and I was able to enjoy the rest of the service!

Then on the way home we stop at Freddy's to return the movie and to get some pumpkin for the puppy's loose bowels. We get the pumpkin and check out, then wait in line for the movie return. Now, let me set this up for ya, there's the Redbox movie machine, beside that is the lotto machine (does lotto AND scratchers) and then beside that is one of those coin changer machines. There's someone on the movie machine...and a little old lady in one of those motorized carts at the lotto machine (with some guy also on a motorized cart, and equally old!) and no one at the coinstar machine. As I'm flipping thru the movie selections, I suddenly hear the old lady yell at me, "You owe me 10.00!" At which point I look over and go "what?"  She points at the tickets being dispensed and says "you owe me 10.00, I didn't want those" and I'm still clueless to what she's saying...then she points at DJ and says, "He hit the buttons and I don't want tickets I want lotto and you owe me 10.00!"  YIKES!!!!!!  I then flag down an employee and ask if there's a way to put the tickets back in the machine and give the lady her money back (I'm not buying them, I don't have the cash on me to do so) and she goes and asks someone in the know...that person comes over and says "no, sorry, that's not possible" Now, while we're all standing there trying to figure this out, another gentleman comes up and waits for the lotto machine...asks what's going on and says he'll buy the 10.00 of tickets...WHEW crisis averted!! Freddy Fast Fingers strikes again!! OH he got a tongue lashing from me!!

We got home and released the pup from her crate, took her potty and tried the pumpkin...she gobbled it up!! I then spent the rest of the day alternating between laundry and running Belle outside....she's getting more curious and adventurous...and making me chase her all over the place! Tomorrow she's getting some leash training! Howie finally got home from work about 4 and then Jake showed back up about 5 and the bbq ran out of propane mid-dinner about 6, we finally ate about 7 and then about 8 Howie and Jake took off to go feed his dog at his mom's house. Then about 9 I finally got the kids in bed and sat down for a bit. About 10 the boys came home and we put Little Fockers on to watch. About 11 Howie went to bed cuz he thought the movie was dumb. And while I don't agree, I don't disagree either! Its par with the other two, and funny to watch the whole story play out. Now, its just gone on 1 and I'm heading to bed with a tired out pup...who's TOTALLY gonna be my awesome foot warmer dog for winter...she loves just laying at my feet!!!

Til next time...God bless!

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