Sunday, May 1, 2011

4 am is really no time to be waking up!!

But that's what time my husband woke us all up at!!

To go fishing!!!

Today was opening day of trout season and if possible, he likes to go and take us with him. Last year was DJ's first year to go out with him (and a buddy) and this year was Sam's first time to go...but that meant I had to go too! So we were all woken in the middle of the nite (almost literally) and dressed in our warmest clothes to get in the truck and go.

Howie's goal was 4:30 to be gone, it was 4:32 when we pulled out of the driveway....not too shabby for a bunch of half asleep folks!! The kids had Tangled on and I was hoping they'd go back to sleep...but nooooo, they were awake the whole way there!! Chatting about how dark it was and that they couldn't even see the trees!!! It was starting to get light just after 5 and Sam was good with that.

We got to Lake McMurray and thankfully we were the first ones there boat-wise, so Howie was able to put the boat in the water no problem! Right from the moment Sam got on the boat she was NOT a happy camper!! Didn't like the rocking. Thought we were gonna sink. Didn't like the rocking. Just over all cranky! Pleasant little girl! DJ on the other hand felt like I'd taken his place on the boat...since he's been on it more in the last year than me!

We got out on the water and waited for the fish to bite. And waited. And waited. And finally at 7:45 we got the first fish! Sam got to reel it in since it was her first time and all. DJ was cool with being net boy. Me, I was the driver and at the same time trying to take pictures for posterity! After the first fish we thought it was start to pick up since it was getting lighter and lighter out. It didn't. But it gave DJ a chance to use the lovely boat apparatus to pee in. Which somehow triggered Sam's bladder and she needed to pee (and poop) so Howie got the boat potty all ready for her, I had to fully undress her to get her on it and she FREAKED out!!!!! Did not like it one bit! (I took pix of everything, they're on fb) So, off she got and she held it til we went on land.

She fell asleep about 8 which was a blessing...she'd gotten really super cranky, so I sat her on my lap and held her tight while humming and she was out in seconds!! DJ fell asleep on me too...but didn't get to really nap as there was a fish on! In fact, all 3 lines were bobbing at one point!! But since I was pinned by Sam (and a fully numbed butt) they could only land two...and lost the third one. Either way, DJ was happy he got woken for it all!

About 9 the kids and I went on land to get breakfast at the lodge...and to use the Nodvendig (bathroom in Norwegian) to get them dressed and for Sam to finally poop! What a trooper she was!! She was in a pull up but didn't go in there which was awesome!! When I dressed her, I asked her if she wanted the pull up again, or undies...she chose pull up...fine by me! At breakfast we were sitting at a table with a center piece of goldfish, real ones, and DJ was mesmerized...then the lady came by and said if we wanted to, we could take it home. The begging started then! I said no, as Howie had said that only animals with 4 feet are allowed in our house...but let him call Howie to ask. He said yes! I then got on the phone to see if he understood what DJ was asking, and he answered that he didn' I told him and his response "crap!" So, we ended up with 3 goldfish to take home! Lovely!

Before we got back on the boat we ditched the snow pants and boots and back pack to the truck and then played at the playground for a bit. DJ then had to use the Nodvendig and so we headed that way for him to use the facilities. There's a heater in the women's bathroom that was actually on, so I didn't mind being hauled in there again. In all the years we've gone up there, I don't ever recall a heater in there, so, to whoever put one in there, THANK YOU!! lol

We got back on the boat once Howie's two buddies got off (they'd gone out with him while we were eating) and back out we went fishing. Sam didn't seem to mind the boat this time but was still afraid of sinking. About an hour in, DJ fell asleep and took a good nap...Sam stayed awake and drove the boat a bit, making us dizzy!, and then caught a couple fish. She was HOOKED on the feel of reeling the fish in!!! The smile on her face was awesome!!!! The grin on Howie's face was pretty cool too! He's got another fishing buddy!

But 12:30 I started feelin the motion thing, so we headed in....still took a good while to get to the launch as we were only going 1mph. We stayed on the boat til Howie pulled us right out and parked to unload everything. By 1:05 we were on our way home. We pulled out of the driveway and checked the price of a house for sale there (HA!) and that was the last thing I remember!! We got home about 2:30, but I simply undid my seat belt and put my blanket pillow on the console and kept on sleeping. The kids were out too! Next thing I knew it was 3:30 and I had a lovely kink in my neck! Sam had woken up and needed to pee, so I got her out. Tried waking DJ but he wasn't ready to wake up yet.

At 4 I tried waking Howie, not knowing how long he'd been sleeping IN THE BED for...but he wanted another half hour. So Sam and I went and got the mail and newspaper and finally woke DJ up. At 4:30 we got Howie up and I headed into town. We've never owned  a fish, so we don't have fish food...we eat fish! lol And I needed to attend my local rep, Jaime, little shindig at her house. When I got home dinner was well under way! The kids were outside playing with the boys next door, and all was good. DJ ate dinner quickly as he wanted to get back out there and play before his bath. When he's motivated he sure can eat! I then bathed SamSam and got her ready for bed....Howie put her in bed while I finished up washing DJ and they were both out quickly.

Howie was right behind them!! I could have gone to bed too, but then I'd be up again at 4 am, and that's not how I want my nights to be! thankyouverymuch! So, I sat down and finished the ends of  my sweater off, watched stuff in dvr, and started another skirt. Nice, mellow nite! I'm still feeling the motion sickness, and hope when I lay down it'll stop! Please God!

Til next time...God bless!

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