Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Punzel's mom said...

"You can never leave the tower"

Apparently that little tidbit of info from Tangled has been stuck in Sam's head...she must have asked me 12846658 times what "Punzel's mom said" It was super cute!!

I do believe Miss SamSam has figured out how to wake up early enough to NEED to sleep with me...a trick DJ has mastered!! I have no clue what time it was when I woke up to her beside me saying she needed me...so she climbed in and we fell back to sleep. DJ was already sleeping at my back. After a while I wasn't comfortable, so I gave her a little pillow and rolled over and had her at my back....til she rolled the wrong way and fell off the bed! That was at quarter to 7...I calmed her down and she went back to sleep with me holding her tightly so she wouldn't fall off again. Then they both got up at 7:30...I got them sippys and went back to bed waiting for them to want breakfast. About 8:30 they both came in and snuggled with me for a half hour while we had our Punzel chat...I was laughing so hard! Great way to start a day!!!

After breakfast DJ was all about heading next door...he already knew it wasn't a church day, or a school day, but I made him wait til 10...then he was off like a shot! OH, during breakfast, we discovered the other two goldfish had died. I'd guess their death was sometime between 6 and 9...Howie fished out the first dead one before he went to work...DJ wanted to call Howie right away and tell him "fish are NOT good pets! Why did you say yes!?!?!"  I bust out  laughing at that one!!! I had no clue what he was gonna say to him, but that was priceless!

With DJ out of the house, Miss Samantha wanted her nails painted. You see, I'd made a deal with her a month ago that if she stopped biting her nails, I'd paint them...and it worked!!!!! She's done FABULOUS about not biting them! So proud of her I am! She picked cotton candy pink and we did two coats. While the second coat was drying I laid on the couch while she sat in my chair with her hands held up and all fingers splayed wide open. I looked over a half hour later, and she was sound asleep! ha! Patience is a virtue! So, while she napped, I did the same!

About 1, I got up and made our lunch, and woke her up to eat it. She said she enjoyed the nap...awww. Then about 2:30 I messaged next door to see if DJ needed to come home since I was heading to the shed to do books...and he did...so he did! He had fun he said...he always enjoys it over there! He had lunch over there, but came home looking for a second one! So a cheese stick and banana later we're ready to head out the door. There weren't too many books, so it didn't take long...but man it was raining hard!! And it was a cold rain!!! brrrrrr

We got home and I got working on the laundry and finding things that have been cluttering for a while to take to the consignment shop...since there are only 4 boxes of books, I had lots of room for stuff! I filled it up too! Howie got home about 4:30 and emptied his bag and went to change...or so I thought...turns out he went to lay down since he was feeling miserable with the kids' sinus infection crap! He even got the eye junk! Poor guy!! Since I was sure there was no bbq'ing in him, I did sketti for dinner. Put a movie on for the kids and sat with them for a bit to keep them quiet. Seems between him coming home, and dinner time is their rowdy time.

After dinner I bathed the kids and then read to them since I knew Howie wasn't feeling well. Tucked them both into bed and sat down to watch DWTS with Howie...who'd seen it from the start...didn't matter much since they did two dances anyways. Just before 9 Howie went to bed hoping to sleep some of the junk off....but not before I gave him his eye drops while singing "blink blink blink, don't rub"  lol
My assessment of tonite's dances...it'll either be Kendra, or Kirstie going home...its really a matter of who's going to win now, not a popularity contest. We'll see. Castle was good tonite too!  I knit the nite away and got the bottom layer of the skirt done, and started the top layer....not pushing myself to get it done as fast as the first one...I had a time limit to that one since it was a gift and given yesterday!

Til next time...God bless!

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