Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Some blonde moments last longer than others!

I just spent 21 minutes looking for an email that doesn't exist....oy!!!

Last nite was miserable...at least I think it was last nite...I was woken far too many times for not having a newborn in the house!!! DJ must have been having a bad dream or something, he woke up 3 times, and Sam was up once before I went to bed crying her eyes out. I swear, every time I'd just fall asleep, DJ was there breathing on me.

So when I got up this morning I was a bit groggy...not too groggy that I let DJ do the breakfast thing again, tho he tried. His incentive, he got to brush his teeth ALL BY HIMSELF!!!! We'd talked about it yesterday, about how he'll be brushing his teeth before school and he suggested he start now...and asked if HE could do it instead of me. Y'know, the boy did a fabulous job!! Makes me cringe watching him do it...brushing for them never made me spaz out, but watchin him does. Its like nails on a chalkboard for me! *shudder*

His incentive to get dressed today was that he could go see if the boys next door wanted to play...they weren't home...or so he told me, turns out they were and didn't hear him. We also found one of his jackets that had been missing...soaking wet under the trampoline....its now laundered and hanging. In fact, I did a lot of laundry today...all of it...yet come bed time tonite, there's a whole load just from today!!! Both kids peed thru something (Sam more than once) and they both got wet playing outside and needed to change, and its just endless!! Honestly! A woman could go insane doing laundry! lol

Lunch had two extra boys, and they all gobbled it up! I love listening to their chatter at the dining table...its fun! Quite funny too! I also noticed today when the boys were back to back, that K is more than 2 inches taller than DJ!! And I thought DJ was tall! Dang! Sam is pretty much the same height as C, but she's got him beat hands down in weight...he's just a skinny little string bean!! I'm so glad they all get along so well!

After lunch we asked K to come with us to the shed to do the book thing....which actually took longer than the past few Mondays...the new books were already in, so I got to put them up on the shelves and even sorted them by category! Makes boxing them up next week that much easier for me! The kids enjoyed watching Tangled in the truck while I worked away. It wasn't raining, but the sun wasn't shining either...all in all not a bad day! I am getting very tired of wearing long sleeves!! I wanna wear short sleeved and tank tops!!!! I want SUN!!!! I heard about several sweating people on fb and was jealous! I have a funny g/f on fb that had a post that read "hiding in the bathroom sniffing suntan lotion with my eyes closed pretending I'm on the beach" Oh that made me laugh!!!

When we got home the kids all went to play and I came in to clean up the kitchen and do prep for dinner. Jake was coming and I needed to clear his spot. I was going to hop in the shower before Howie got home, but before I knew it, he was home. I then hopped in knowing the kids knew he was here if needed. Worked well!

We heard Jake coming a mile away....I kid you not!! I should hang on to these hearing aids when I get new ones so he can have them. How can anyone be in a vehicle with the "music" THAT friggen loud!?!?! Seriously, how can you enjoy it? All you can do is feel it at that decibel! It did give the kids plenty of time to hide on him tho....a plus for them! He scared the crap outta them too when he found them both in the bathtub hiding. So funny! They both started jumping on him and wrestling with him...they sure have missed him!

After dinner I made Howie call up the puppy's poppa and see if we could go visit...he said sure, so we headed up there. Sam and DJ were more interested in throwing the ball for Belle's parents than seeing the pup...this waiting is killing them! Me more so tho! Oh she's just so snuggly!!!! As soon as I got her in my arms she snuggled into my neck again! Jake got to hold her too for a bit and she was kissing him all over...so sweet! After a good visit we headed for home again and Miss SamSam asked if Belle was big enough to come home yet....a few more weeks, which in her world is far too long! We're just about set for her too...just need to get food and that should do it. The collar I got for her may actually be too big to start off too....we'll see. Two weeks is a lot of growth in pup time.

Jake left after 8:30 and we got the kids ready for bed and into bed before 9...they both went easy with all the fresh air and playing. Oh, funny thing, Jake had his pants half down his ass, and Howie commented on it, what does DJ do...pull his pants down....OY!!! Only he was wearing pj pants and no undies, so his bare butt is hanging out! Funny, but not!

Howie stayed up with to watch the first dances of everyone on DWTS...which are getting better and better!!! I do think its Ralph's turn to head home unfortunately. The Instant Dances were kind of funny to watch...somewhat clueless but still choreographed. Castle was good as usual...quite a few funny one liners too! I got the first layer of Sam's skirt done...with only one mistake, which I fixed and its all good!! Tried casting on the second layer, but came up short so I put it away instead of getting frustrated!

Til next time...God bless!

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