Monday, May 16, 2011

iPods and iPatches

This morning I got to sleep in again....and to be honest, I have no clue what time anyone else got up! I do know that around 8 Howie came and shut the bedroom door so I could have quiet, and the next thing I know, it's 9:30 and time to get up for church! The kids, bless their hearts, wanted egg mcmuffins for breakfast, so they waited til I got up. Sam changed her mind as I was getting the eggs out, and I wasn't in the mood for one, so we had cereal and the boys had the egg mcmuffins. Everyone got dressed, or redressed in DJ's case, and then we headed to church.

Service was good, and DJ actually did fairly well...towards the end he became a bit wiggly, but I think having him sit between Howie and I is doing the trick, that way he's getting attention from both of us whenever he needs it. The baby I made the blanket for was there, and she had it nestled around her...I love that!! Everyone else crowded around Hope, so I didn't get to see her face, this was her church debut!

Since it was raining rather nicely since morning, the afternoon wasn't going to change...which meant yard work would have to wait another instead, we focused on the inside of the house!  I had to run books to the shed for a gal who'd asked for them, and I'd forgotten to leave them there for her, so I took Sam with me and DJ stayed behind with Howie to get the vacuums cleaned up. Now, we'd given the kids the old iPod shuffle's for their music...and Howie copied all their discs onto the computer yesterday and set them today, they were extremely anxious to try them out. Sam got my ear buds and DJ got Howie's old ones and they were set! You have never seen anything funnier!!! Honestly!! They both thought they were the cat's meow! And then the YELLING SO I CAN HEAR MYSELF TALK bit started and Howie and were rolling!!!! Then they both started dancing to whatever songs they were listening to...priceless!!!!! Sam had her ear buds in the whole trip to the shed...on the way home, she started singing "Do you know the muffin man" totally out of tune, and off beat to the song...but it was awesome!!!! I even recorded her singing without her knowing.  Just love it!!

When she and I got back we went to WORK!!!!!! Howie as just about done the vacuums, so the kids started cleaning their mess in the living room, and I got busy cleaning the kitchen and getting the dishes loaded. I must say, I absolutely LOVE opening the dishwasher and having it empty...not sure if I unloaded it last nite, or if Howie did it this morning, but man, it put a smile on my face when I saw it empty!! I also tidied up the kids rooms so the vacuum could flow freely, and our room too before Howie got there. I love when he vacuums too!! Before he did the kitchen tho, I cut his hair like he's been begging me to for 2 weeks! Then I mopped the kitchen/dining room and both bathrooms. See...pretty productive day!!

By 5 we were done and Howie was downstairs playing ps2 and I was upstairs putzing around til the kids wanted to watch a "movie" so I put one of their dvr'd shows and the 3 of us laid on the couch together til Howie came up and hijacked the tv for hockey! At which point dinner prep got started. After dinner I took the kids to the shed, again, to do shopping...this time DJ had his iPod on and Sam watched Tangled. Hearing him sing along with his songs is just hilarious too! He doesn't have a clue we can hear him! At least I don't think he knows since he's actually singing along with them! 155 songs should keep them busy for 5 hours or more!! :)  They also got eye patches from the birthday party yesterday, and have been having fun wearing them today saying "Argh Matey!" Crazy kids!

Once everyone was in bed, my next door neighbour came over to watch Survivor with me...WOW what and end to an era!!! I love that Rob won it!! Truly! Before tonite's show, I had no clue who I wanted to win, honestly, but once the Redemption Island part was decided, I knew I wanted him to win it! He really outwitted everyone!! And thoroughly deserved it! However, he did not deserve the Sprint player of the game, that honour should have gone to Matt! *Shrugs* nothing I can do about that tho! I'm also saddened to see that Grant took the game so personally and has refused Rob's friendship...anyone could see it tore Rob up to vote him off. Such a shame!  And David, stealing the spotlight to propose to the other Survivor alum, pitiful! Desperate Housewives was good for a finale...nothing like last year, but who needs all that chaos, tonite was done well!

Til next time...God bless!


  1. Y'know, I have my duh moments. I was going out for the evening Sunday night so I set the DVR to tape survivor. I got home at 11 and sat down to watch. (same time as you so it seemed) But wouldnt you know it... I only taped the fist segment up to when everyone voted and forgot (i've only watched every darn season of this show) that the second segment would count as a separate show!!! So I had to go to google to find out who won. I wanted Rob to win too and wasnt surprised he did. totally deserved it! But i missed all the conversations, accusations, drama of the finale. GRUMBLE!! SO tell me, who proposed to who? did she accept? and what about Philip, was his son there? Anything come out about his 'secret service" stuff? Was Amber there? Did Rob cry? Helppppppp

  2. nevermind lol I found the videos online. I found out my dvr'd version cut out 5 mins too soon so i replayed that and saw rob win, then watched the reunion. Not so satisfying to watch on the laptop but at least I saw it.


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