Friday, May 20, 2011


This morning was NOT a repeat of fact, the kids were up just after 7...and ready to go since the sun was out again for the THIRD day in a row!!!! I could get used to this!!! The kids faces are starting to look kissed by the sun and not so ghostly white!

I made them wait til 9:15 to head out to play...they came back when the boys next door were still eating their breakfast. By 10 they were back out playing and I was enjoying the quiet of the house or rather, the hum of the dishwasher. Even got a half hour chat with  my neighbour in when she came to borrow my steam mop. The four of them had another picnic on the back deck for lunch...they sure are goofy when they sit to eat together. They laugh a lot and its just fun to watch!

While they were outside playing after lunch I went and cleaned my shower and then took one totally uninterrupted!!! What a treat! Even did my make up without anybody bugging at me til the end when Sam wanted it on too! Good thing I know how to fake her out so she 'thinks' she's getting some on her precious face. Just before 3 I gathered the kids up and went into town for nothing...I was supposed to get the Freddy gift cards from DJ's school, but they're not in yet and if I'd called like she told me to, I wouldn't have had to go anywhere. OH well, the kids played on the swings and things at the school and had fun. They're repainting the lines on the roads to our house since its SO nice out and has time to dry, sure looks good with a fresh coat of paint! *as she looks around her house* lol

When we got back the kids stayed out playing and I gathered my stuff together to head out for an Avon vendor nite at a local high school's Night of the Arts...its actually the school I'd LOVE the kids to go to when they're ready for high school. All told I think I handed out 40 or more books, and got the names of about's hoping I get more customers from it all. Sam had her first "mommy don't leave me" meltdown...guess its her turn now that DJ's past it. She was upset I wasn't going to be there to tuck her in and kiss her goodnite, which I'd do anyways, but she was almost inconsolable when Howie got home from work. I heard they both did great til they were in their pj's and it was just about bed time for them. Awwww

When I got home Howie was finishing up watching The Voice so I got his coffee ready for tomorrow and then sat down with a bowl of cereal...salad for dinner doesn't hold very long. Then we watched the results of Idol...I must say, I'm VERY pleased!!! And the look on Hayley's face blew me away...she fully expected it to be her in the finale...she actually looked upset she wasn't. Humble pie anyone?  And stupid me forgot to record Grey's, so I missed the first half hour which irritated me cuz it was my own damn fault! Thankfully On Demand has it, so I'll watch it tomorrow. Private Practice was good, but that ending does not sit well with me!!! Pete!?!? Come on!!! ARGH!  I also learned that some of the shows I've been watching lately haven't been renewed...even Off the Map...that irks me!! They need to consult with me before they go cancelling shit!  Pardon my

I started skirt #5 but I'm creating my own pattern....the smallest size on the chart is size 3, so I'm "Missifying" the pattern for size 2...hopefully it works out! This one will be super cute too!!

Til next time...God bless!

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