Friday, May 13, 2011

That's what sisters are for!!

So sorry there was no post from last nite...blogger was down and even tho it said it was only going to be down for an hour at 10pm PST, it was still down at 12:30 am when I went to blog for the I went to bed early! Imagine that! lol

Yesterday I did so much laughing at my kids!!! DJ came in in the morning and we snuggled and chatted about the day...he then asked me if he could have a pet snail....I said Altho, if he found one outside, I would allow him to have an outdoor pet snail. Then SamSam came in and started quoting Tangled again "Apunzel's mom said 'Great, now I'M the bad guy' " and had me in stitches!! With the right inflections in the quote and everything!

Since the sun was shining they both wanted out of the house as soon as breakfast was I gave them each a bottle of bubbles and sent them out! Didn't take long for the boys next door to come playing too and they were all happy kids! K joined us for lunch and I was treated to more hilarity listening to them 3 of them chat over food.

About 2:30 with the laundry well under way we headed out for walk...the goal was the swing park but we did a round about walk to get there. We stopped on the way to see a horse who came when I started clicking my tongue...I still got the horse charm! She was molting and just loved me rubbing her belly! While we were talkin horse, the neighbours rode by on their bikes...and informed us of the extreme soggy conditions of the swing instead of walking to the park, we kept on walking towards the alpaca pasture...DJ didn't want to go that far, so we turned around and headed for home where he spied Jessica running to the neighbours house. Off he went like a shot!!

I then did some more weeding around the outside of my garden area, they creep under the fence and I wanted them back about 6 inches from the fence, so I got that done while the kids played outside. Having Jessica as an addition to the group certainly changes the dynamics! Since she's been coming over here to play a lot, she was asking if anyone could go over to her house...I said yes, but wanted to wait til Howie got home so I wouldn't have to take Sam and torture her with not staying  since she wasn't invited. Turns out we waited for nothing as she walked with us...I had to promise to push her on the swing when we got back tho. :)

DJ didn't stay long next door...there's only girl toys there....hahaha! SO funny to me!! We did find out that Jessica goes to Cornerstone Academy, which is the other private school in town that we considered...would have been nice to have carpooled...oh well!  After dinner I was going to bathe the kids, but they were having too much fun, and I was beat from gardening.

It was then my sister ruined Idol results for me!!! She posted on fb 3 hours before I needed to know that James was voted off. Yeah, I wasn't happy!! Rascal! I gave her what for too....good thing I love her! So we didn't even bother watching it when the kids were in bed, and I ended up telling Howie the results. Just like Chris Daughtry all over again! But to be honest, his facial tics wouldn't have let him win....and his appearance, namely his teeth, would have hindered him too. Don't get me wrong....I am a James Durbin fan, have been since day one as you know, but this isn't about vocals, its about the package! However, I do NOT like Hayley...her attitude of late has sucked! Like she could care less about the judges' constructive criticism....and her dopey eyes drive me nuts!! Lauren for the win!!!!!! Scotty isn't versatile enough....and he looks like Alfred E. Newman from MAD magazine!!

I got Sam's skirt just about finished...just need to put the elastic in it and have her model it for me. Thank you both Fiona and Paula for offering to make crocheted flowers....I was thinking something more local....Canada and Portugal are a little far away! I don't want it cost anything for the crocheter as I can provide left overs from my yarns and have them match. You're both awesome tho!!! :)

Til next time...God bless!

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