Monday, May 23, 2011

I'm gettin old!

This morning the kids woke me up about 20 to 9 as Sam needed help in the bathroom...Howie was already gone on an errand and due back shortly. Since Sam didn't like the Power Rangers on tv, she and I snuggled in my bed and chatted. Once that show was over she went back out, and I called Howie to see where he was...he was in the driveway!! So I got up and put a robe on to go out and make breakfast. The kids wanted cereal and got right to it...especially cuz they both poured their own milk and didn't spill one drop!

After breakfast I hopped in the shower to get ready for church after getting Sam's dress on her and her hair done...she prefers it half up/down...that way its off her face, and yet still long like Apunzel! *rolls eyes* At least she lets me do it and its not wild! As we're getting in the truck Howie decides not to go to church but to go straight to Bonney Lake to watch Jake at a college football combine...and it was a two hour drive one way, if he left after church he'd miss a lot of it. So the kids and I left him to pack up his lunch and go.

After church we hit the dollar store, and Albertsons...DJ got to pick out his birthday party decor and its a little mixed up....we've got a sports themed banner and napkins with monster trucks blowers and loot bags....crazy kid! We also got the cups for his birthday dessert....he's getting excited!!  We finally got home about 1:30 and made lunch once the stuff was put away. Since we had a bbq to attend this afternoon, we kept lunch light...just in case it was an "eat right away" bbq. The bbq was put on by the Gleaners, a kind of  get-to-know-others-in-the-group shindig. It was at a park, so that right there had the kids excited!

We took my neighbour, also a fellow gleaner, and the kids were silent on the way to the park. So silent that SamSam fell asleep!! DJ had already had a nap in church....snoring and everything!  So, I gently woke Sam up, and she could see the creative playground, that definitely softened the blow of a cat nap. And her friend Aliya was there, she was excited to see her. We headed over to the pavilion we were at and I set up my chair while the kids went and played. Sure would have been nice to have some sun... I then did the bathroom scope and found it CLEAR ACROSS THE MASSIVE PARK!!!!!  Cuz, a three year old can hold it that long right!?!?! It must have been a half mile away!!!!! No joke! And wouldn't ya know it, she comes running up to me saying "I gotta pee, I gotta pee!!" and off we went. She was such a trooper tho, not one dribble!!!! YAY SAM!!!!

About 6 we headed for home...Howie was already home relaxing, and we'd been eating all afternoon, so the kids weren't hungry. Instead, we went up to see Northern Belle. We asked if we could see her, and Larry says "I'll do ya one better...wanna take her H-O-M-E?"  Oh my heart flipped!!!! I called Howie to see if he was ready, and he wasn't. We haven't even gotten the crate down from the shelf in the garage...nor cleaned out the area where it'll be (at least where I think it'll be) so we declined and played with her for a bit. I was in shock at how big she's gotten in the last two weeks!!! Almost double the size!! They sure lose their newborn-ness quicker than human babies! She still snuggled me good, and when I put her down she went right for my ankles...crazy pup! The kids enjoyed playing with her too! Just adorable!!!! 

When we got home the kids got in their pj's and got ready for bed...and with it being so early, they were on their beds reading stories with us shortly after 8! A record of late!! The hours at the park did the trick and they were out like a light quickly! Howie had a the Billboard Awards on, and so I sat and watched it with him. I should have changed channels once the country stuff was over. The rest of it was just garbage and trashy noise to me! Not to mention their choice in outfits! Gimme a country singer ANY day!!!!! Cee Lo must have been channeling Elton John again...he had more rhinestones on his outfit than Dolly ever had in the 80's!! And I do NOT like Beyonce's newest song....blech!! I'm just gettin old damnit!

I was so tired from this weekend I couldn't knit! I did fold laundry and finally sewed up the massive hold in DJ's pj pants in the more peek a boo penis! Now I'm ready to head in...lunch is made, coffees prepped, dishwasher is running...just gotta get Snickers back in and that's that!

Til next time...God bless!

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