Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Before I was even out of bed

There was a knock at the door!!! I'd already been told the sun was out by my two rambunctious children, and then the knock came!! Apparently K and C were happy the sun was shining too! So they came in and waited while we ate breakfast, and the four of them got along for the most part. By 10, I'd kicked them outside!!! Today was an Avon order day, and the peace was welcomed!!!! I wasn't scrambling this campaign either, kind of a nice feeling!

By noon my order was sent and I was in my contacts...funny story...last nite while getting ready for bed, my left contact jumped ship and went, normally, for the last 20 years, I've had coloured contacts and as you can imagine, they're pretty easy to find when one goes AWOL...these ones however, are CLEAR....CRYSTAL CLEAR!!!! Which makes it very difficult to spot in a half lit bathroom cuz its 1 in the morning. AND I've only got one contact in to see out I take the right one out, and put my glasses on...flip the other half of the bathroom lights on and continue my search...very carefully removing anything on the floor that can be removed after thoroughly searching it over.  After five minutes, and I'm at begging prayers at this point, I'm about to give up looking cuz I just can't see it...I look down and there it rests on my left boob! OY!!!!!!!! Talk about panic!

Then this morning, same said contact jumps off my finger while I'm trying to put it in....thankfully I find it within seconds this time....its a conspiracy!!! Why on earth can't they add a tint to these contacts!?!? SO difficult! And I know I'm not the only one to lose/drop them....colour is helpful!

Ok, back to my day....I call the kids over and get them in the truck and off we go to's pizza run day and only one place had some for me to pick up. Yesterday there were no new books, so we left the ones there from last week for another week, so I had no job to do yesterday which was fine by me! We then dropped the majority of them off at the school we normally go to, and then headed for home. DJ wanted me to go to the bank, but I had no business there, he just wanted the lollipop! Rascal!

When we got home I had lunch, the kids ate pizza in the truck, but I was hungry. They played outside, but the kids next door had gone into town, so there was no one to play with...and they were begging for a walk, so at 3:30 we set off for our walk, carrots in hand. We also had a tag along...Jessica had gotten home from school and came over to see the kids. We walked a bit faster today than we did last week...and we had the carrots for the horse we see on our walk. Took a bit to find her because she was in the back...but once I started calling to her, she came right away...and faster than last week! She didn't know we had carrots til I gave her one and she chomped away on it! DJ did great giving his to the horse...and Sam did okay, but ended up dropping it in fear...Jessica got too close for my comfort holding it and not letting it the end, 5 carrots were consumed and she was happy! We then continued on our walk and stopped at the swing park for the kids to play. The little girl who's side  yard faces the park came over to play too...her name is Calista...and she's a self proclaimed "nature girl" as she was toting a worm around as her "friend". Then Jessica went hiding behind a tree...I called her back out and she came back to me with a handful of potato bugs crawling all over her. Can I just say, I'm THRILLED my kids aren't into bugs...and that Samantha is far too girly for bugs!!! *shudder*

We came home and found Howie mowing the lawn in the late afternoon sun...such a great day if a bit I headed in to get the sweet potatoes, sans bugs, in the oven and relax while everyone else was outside. I enjoyed those moments and read my magazine. One by one they all came back in and we had dinner. Before we ate tho, we called my dad as today is his birthday!!! I'd sent a text message and let them know we'd call we did, he answered and we all sang to him. The kids got a kick out of that!  After dinner Howie went back out to do some weed trimming and the kids went out with him. I tidied up the kitchen til Sam came in crying cuz she'd fallen off a fence somewhere....she was okay, just shaken. But that started the pre-bed time meltdowns! I got her in pj's, DJ was in his from before dinner as his clothes were wet, and got their teeth brushed. Howie came in just in time to read DJ a book and help with tucking ins.

They went down easy...and I sat down just before 9 to watch DWTS results show....which I totally called! It was time for Ralph to go...sadly the Karate Kid did not win the match! Valiant effort tho! Now I don't know who I want to win...Chelsea for her accurateness....Hines for his debonairness...or Kirstie for her determination! Tough choice!  Glee was very touching...and actually had me in tears at one point! Wasn't expecting that!  The Voice had me undecided....none of them really stood out to me like last week....and it wasn't that great competition wise. The judges made the right decisions, for the most part, I think Tje sang better than Nakia....bu that's just my opinion. lol 

I got skirt 4 done, just need to do the waistband for it and the tie up...but it was too dark in the living room and my tummy was feeling queasy...still is actually....blah!!

Til next time...God bless!

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