Thursday, May 5, 2011

I've earned the Bad Mommy award

THREE times already this week!!!

Beat that!

Today's "moment" was brought to you by rock meeting head.

This morning started far too early for Samantha...she is getting up when the sun does, and its tough to convince her she needs to keep sleeping! She's already got blinds AND navy blue curtains, but somehow she senses daylight! And not in a vampire way!

Finally at 7:30 I gave in and let her get up...DJ was still sleeping! And slept til almost this OWN bed even!! Will wonders never cease! There was no breakfasts made, or spilled, instead, there was nekkidness due to some flip flops I'd left on the table for them. Now, DJ hates having things between his toes, but keeps telling me he needs a pair of flip flops (K has them) so when I saw these at Micheal's  yesterday, I had to get them....they have a stay on strap at the back of the it's a thong shoe with a strap so they don't slip off and he flops around on the ground! PERFECT!!!! They both went to bed in pj's that had feet attached, and we all know you can't wear flip flops with footed pj's!!!! By the time I got up (after saying yes to them undressing for the shoes) they'd both dressed themselves fully (Sam even had her clothes on right!) and were wearing their flip flops. Cute!

After breakfast I got busy wrapping the birthday gift for the party we were attending this morning at the Fire Station....and then I got myself ready and the kids re-dressed. Sam got to wear a dress (her fave) and I wanted DJ in less "holey" clothing. I wanted out the door by 10 and it was exactly that when I hopped in the truck! SWEET!!!! Turns out, we could have been late! I'd read the email to say 10:30, but apparently everyone else read 10:45...and the tour itself didn't start til 11...which my two were VERY anxious for after waiting a half hour! It was a short and sweet sirens or hoses, but a walk thru the fire truck and a demo of a heart machine in the ambulance. I will say tho, the most important thing DJ learned today was 911...and stop, drop and roll! They both enjoyed themselves!

When we were done the tour we headed across the street to the library where we were having the actual party. I wasn't sure what to expect, but it was a full on lunch...which the kids did really well with! It sure was tough for me to resist the homemade cookies, rice krispie treats, pretzel ladders made with chocolate, and cake! So I stuck to the fruit and turkey wraps! The pinata was a mess of candy, which I've hidden half of, and thankfully DJ was more interested in claiming all the bouncy balls he could find...he had 8 at one point and I made him take 5 of them back! There was actually so much candy, the parents had to pick it up off the floor when the kids were done taking what they wanted. Sam was thoroughly pleased with the horn whistle things (great!) and blower thingies. Maybe I am doing something right! lol 

I also had my first encounter with a boy who wore a Princess dress up first, I honestly thought it was a girl with a pixie cut...took me an hour to finally hear his name, Brayden, and realize it was a boy. Neither of my kids noticed anything as they're far too self absorbed really. Not a bad thing in this case as I'd have no clue how to explain it to them. Can someone explain it to me?

We left there shortly after 2 and headed for home....where the kids changed back into their play clothes. Since it was such a gorgeous day out, we headed out to work in the garden...which meant I did the work and they did the playing at it. I did get it all weeded today and the soil turned over. And most of the big rocks were put to one side...and I learned not to use the hoe to toss a rock...its bound to hit someone in the head! Yeah, it hit DJ, and I was called a bad mommy...for the third time this week...I'm losing cred here! At this rate, I'm talkin myself out of a Mother's Day gift!

About 4 I headed in, I needed a break before starting dinner prep...pancakes, yum...but that didn't set well with the kids and they thought I should be taking them out on a bike ride. So they waited patiently for Howie to come home and ask him...but he turned them down flat! He's still not well, there wasn't enough time, and it was an Awana nite! It was also the last Awana week is awards nite, and that's all she wrote!!! Gonna be strange to be home on a Wednesday nite again. And I'll miss chatting with DJ on the way to and from as next year we'll have Sam with us!

We stopped on the way home to get a bag of salad for tomorrow's lunches, and then came home. Howie was already in bed as he's getting up stupid early for work, in fact, I'm to stay awake til 2:30 to make sure he gets up! I'll be more than ready to fade when I nudge him awake! Since he was already in bed, I tucked DJ in and sat down to knit and watch tv. Survivor was wicked!! No way would I have given up a family visit to make 6 people who voted me off happy....nuts!! Oh and Matt's bro is HOTT!!! There, I said it! lol

After that was a bunch of sitcoms, and then I fast forward watched Idol...I think the bottom two this week are Hayley and Jacob, with Jacob going home! He just over does everything, and Hayley had that drunk/drugged look on  tonite. Lauren nailed it even tho I didn't know that Carrie song, Scotty did okay, he's not gonna win, but its not his time yet. I do better just listening to him, I can't watch him. And James...James KILLED it!!! I didn't get to see his first song, but I could feel his second one!!! SO good!

Now, I simply must go get these contacts out...thank God for spell check!!

Til next time...God bless!

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  1. I have solved the not-being-able-to-comment-on-idol-cause-missy-is-on-the-west-coast problem!! I now DVR the whole thing & watch it in the am, then I read your blog. :o) I agree with you mostly. I think Jacob did the best he has in the competition, but will go home tonight anyway. James is my big fav. It was amazing to see him rock one out then be so sweet & sensitive in the second. I had tears in my eyes. Scotty is so cute & very mature singer for his years. I did love Lauren's House of the Rising Sun tho and I think it will keep her in the running for another week at least.


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