Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Remind me not to do that again

Of course, the next time I need brakes on the truck they'll both be in school...or we won't even have the truck....either way, occupying two young children (they're not toddlers anymore are they?) in a room the size of their bedroom, of which is the "office" of the mechanic, is NOT a fun task!!!

Thank God we had sunshine!!!!

This morning they woke up in turns...just as DJ was getting out of my bed, Sam was wanting to lay with me....she did for a while til she heard there were sippy cups in the fridge, then she was outta there! lol Then they both came back to snuggle with me and find out what our day held. First up was pizza runs and a book drop. But we took our time getting out of the house. I like the non-rushed aspect! DJ tried his hardest to stay behind with the neighbours, but I wasn't biting since I didn't know how long we were going to be gone for.

After the book drop we headed to the post office so I could get some stamps, then over to my Rep's house to drop off her books, and for my lunch time, since eating a salad and driving aren't compatible, I chose to go to the dog park and sit while I ate. The kids were enthralled!!! And want to bring both dogs when Belle is old enough to go! Should be fun! About 1:40 we headed to the mechanic place to get the rear brakes done. Since we'd just eaten, I knew they'd be hungry, so I gave them their juice pack and waited....and waited...and waited to hear "Mama, I have to pee" and then I knew we were safe to leave the building. I knew we had a good hour before she'd say it again. So off we went in search of a playground. We were in a part of town that I'm not overly familiar with, but I did know there was a park (one I swore we wouldn't go back to) nearby, so we headed in the opposite direction.

We walked and talked about what we saw, both kids were FABULOUS about holding my hand and keeping pace. Then we turned the corner and saw it! A park! All by its lonesome...well, not really, it had a groomer on hand at that moment, and we couldn't see exactly how to get to it, so we walked around and found the opening. Once the mower was done he nodded at us and off they went! The sun was gorgeous and I parked my butt on the only bench in the park and watched them run around. They were soon joined by another boy who I'd guess was 2 and they took turns showing off for him. About a half hour later, the class of the preschool we were at came out for recess. Took me a bit to convince my two we needed to leave, so they didn't get confused with the other kids in the class. They were done anyways, it really was a small creative for smaller kids.

We walked back along Main St and looked in windows all the while talking...and DJ announced he was hungry, so we headed back to the repair shop where our cooler was waiting for us. At this point its 3:30 and we're supposedly a half hour away from completion....according to the estimate...not so, we were an hour away. I think they each used the bathroom twice in that time frame....and drank a fair amount of water too since it was SO neat to watch the bubbles in the water cooler go up.

Finally we got our truck back after they took a test drive in it to make sure they worked (cuz THAT would be a bad thing!) and I paid the bill. They were both so excited to head home!!! We'd talked about taking a bike ride when we got home, but DJ in the last 3 minutes of being there totally ruined that by being a brat...and lost the bike ride. Bummed me out too! Going on a bike ride means I might have seen Belle again since that's the route we go...brat! Instead when we got home, his new friend Jessica was playing with the boys next door and he forgot all about the bike ride being taken away. Sam was excited to see another girl too, so off she went!

Howie was inside watching hockey and since he decided we were doing the taco pizza I brought home, I laid on the couch for a few minutes of shut eye. Within 20 minutes DJ had Jessica in the house to show her where he lived, well the inside of it anyways....and then within 10 minutes of that her parents came over to meet us and see where she was playing. She's 6, so she has a little tiny bit more freedom than DJ does at this point. Nice people, and they live up the street on the I'm sure we'll see them more.

After dinner Howie went to bed as he's getting up at 2, and I bathed the kids as they were desperate for one!! Right at the change over of getting Sam out and DJ in I got a call from a new client with an order. So far this campaign, I have 5 orders and 4 of them are new!!!! YES!!!!!!! With that delay and just general silliness at bed time, it only took me til 8:45 to get them in bed with lights out. Not bad...not bad at all!

Since Howie was in bed, that meant I had the remote to myself!! Which thankfully everything was in dvr nicely...I did however flip to the last 15 minutes of DWTS to see who got voted off...which was no surprise to me! I hope he heals well without further injury. Glee was good...I'd just heard Adele sing her song, not sure which one, Rolling In The Deep I think, and then got to hear it again on Glee...with words in front of me on time...nice song. Adele has quite the voice...and I'm just now actually learning more about her after hearing everyone else rave about her. Dang she's young!!! 

The Voice was AWESOME!!!!!! Making the coaches pair the singers up, and having them sing in a battle is quite the concept! That has gotta be tough!! I do, however, think that they all picked the right people to move on. I also love how each judge is trying to be politically correct and then Blake just blurts out random stuff! ha!

Now, its time to go wake Howie and get myself to bed!!!

Til next time...God bless!

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