Saturday, April 30, 2011

Blink, blink, blink, don't rub!

Is the song I sing when I give the kids their eye drops...Sam's getting better at getting them and DJ is a pro!! NO fighting from him...some whining if Howie's around, but other than that, he's awesome! Sam I bribe with chocolate...seems to work! DJ's other med, he takes noooooo problem!! Really helpful when he's excited to take it! Must taste good!

This morning I got to sleep in a bit til 9 when Howie needed to start getting ready for work. So I got up and made us an omelet for breakfast and then sent him on his way to work. Since the boat was hitched up to the trailer, we weren't going anywhere today! Plus, I had a Royal Wedding to attend...albeit late, but I still needed to witness this historic moment!

So I put it on and the kids go ape crazy...incredibly so! Finally DJ fell asleep...and then a half hour later, so did Sam! Apparently they'd gotten up early...Sam at 6:30 and DJ at 7, so by 12 they zonked!! Delayed lunch a little, but I got to watch the nuptials in peace!!!

With all the restrictions/dress code she had to deal with, I think Kate did a FABULOUS job picking her gown!! So elegant, sexy and yet demure at the same time!! I especially liked how she and Will kept looking at each other...and when she finally came to him at the altar, he leaned over and told her she looked beautiful, I can lip read! So precious!!! I recorded GMA with Barbara Walters and Diane Sawyer and also recorded on the Canadian channel. I watched GMA first, and it was good, but then I started watching the CBC one, and much better sound quality. I have to say, neither channel showed Fergie's girls well...I hear their hats were atrocious...but isn't that the name of the game!??!?!?! I pity the people stuck behind the really tall and awkward hats! Chelsy Davy's hate was fine, but her hair to match was just awful!!!! WHY would someone suggest she do that?! If you haven't seen it, google it!'s a good laugh!

I also had no idea the Queen was 85!!!! And her hubby is 90 this June...they look FABULOUS for that age!! They've also been married for 63 years...pretty impressive!! I have to ask, is having bushy eyebrows a status symbol?? All the men are in need of an eyebrow trimming!! Blech! Oh and something else that was said that just fascinates me (and disturbs me) is that William has NEVER put the toothpaste on own toothbrush...EVER!!!!! That's just nuts!

After lunch the kids went out to play for a bit...but no one was home next door, so they came back in quickly. How they find each other boring outside but not inside amazes me. So, DJ got busy cleaning his room so he could vacuum...fine by me! I got the dishes done and sat to watch more wedding stuffs and knit. I got the skirt completely finished tonite...SO incredibly pleased with it too. Must. Make. More! Sam enjoyed being my model too for sizing. It doesn't twirl, but she's okay with that lol.

Dinner was later than normal since lunch was late...and DJ was busy playing outside...the boys had come home. Sam on the other hand started running a fever...just like DJ  did LAST Friday...and right about the same time too! Poor girl! Now I have to wait til Monday to call in and get meds for her. Doesn't slow her down much tho...she kept busy and sat with me for a bit. After dinner, DJ went back outside and I gave Sam a bath since she'd peed herself once again! I swear I'm ready to put her back in diapers! On the plus side, their bathroom floor is the cleanest in town!

Before I called DJ in to get ready for bed I finished the vacuuming he was out, it needed to be done, why not. I got a little carried away tho and was doing the stairs when DJ came in  and Howie came home. And it was almost gave meds to the kids, brushed teeth and put them in bed!! They're both very excited to be getting far too early to go fishing....tomorrow is opening day of trout season. And Sam's first fishing trip...which is why I'm going. So I gotta get to bed NOW so I won't fall asleep driving the boat! :)

Til next time...God bless!

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