Friday, April 1, 2011

Lather, rinse and repeat

That's our weather lately....and according to the weatherman, it's not gonna change!! I also read that we've had 6.29" of rain in March alone...average is 3.75". But at least our flood watch is off. Thankfully today we had no where to other than my immediate surroundings, I have no clue what's going out there. I hear Ontario had another sunshiny day...send it our way will ya? We need to dry up over here!

This morning I slept in til 8:43, Howie got home from work and the kids were up, so he got them squared away with sippy cups, and it took them til then to come get me. Blew me away! And since Sam came in playing her "lute" (recorder) I got up in a hurry so it wouldn't wake Howie up. And once I got out to the kitchen, confiscated the recorder til Howie got up. Surprisingly, she understood! whew!

Once we were done breakfast (the bagels came out today for some reason, and y'know, they're good with a fried egg on them! The thin ones...not the regular ones) we kept it low key for Howie's sake. I asked DJ if he wanted to get dressed and he looked at me and asked "are we going anywhere?" and I said "no, not today" and he says "then no, I'm not getting dressed"  What a kid!!

Howie surprised us all by getting up at 20 after 11....and immediately the kids were askin for their instruments! And the chaos ensued! Thank God they only play them for a few minutes and find something else to do. lol Howie ate and read the paper, I got busy getting the dishes loaded and washed. Then DJ bugged to get the laundry going, so we started that (again!) and then Howie got busy puttering around the house.

One task I'd been asking to have done for weeks now is finally done!! There was a safety railing on Sam's bed, but it's just not necessary...and I can't tell you how many times I've scraped my back/shoulder area on it...and it was loose on the bed anyways, so off it came!!! She thought she got a whole new bed! And loved throwing herself on her bed in the middle....dangling her legs...quite cute!

The afternoon just flew by with all the little chores getting done....DJ even went next door (and discovered a package from UPS on the front stoop....the digital scale I'd been waiting anxiously for!!!!)  and played for an hour or so, so it was even nicer to only have one "helper" and even then, she was content to just stay upstairs and keep me company. I even got the baskets full of clothes put away, in anticipation of more clean clothes to fold and put away. Never ending!!!

Dinner was delish!!!! Bbq steak is always awesome! And the asparagus I steamed was steamed to perfection!! Magic number is 5 minutes...gotta remember that for next time! After dinner I bathed both the kids ....DJ wanted a race again, but Howie said he had a headache, so I just did both of them and got them ready for bed.

Once they were tucked in I went and had a shower myself while Howie watched (and thankfully recorded) the Idol results show. I came out just as they were ready to announce the two going home....Thought it would be Thia and Paul, but Naima is a much better choice...Paul can go home next week and we won't be subjected to Naima's interpretive dance anymore :) Then Howie rewound it so I could hear Lauren and Scotty sing a duet...they NAILED it!!!! Loved it!!! The rest of the compilations sucked!!! The pairing of voices was awful! Good thing I had a fast forward button. And Jaime Foxx and was HORRIBLE!!!!!! Yet another pairing that shouldn't have happened!!! If Jamie insists on this singing thing he should stick to R&B!

After Idol Howie went to bed and I flipped to the dvr to see what was going on in there....I was recording Grey's and Mobbed, so watched Rules of Engagement to make it so I couldn't catch up to the live show on either channel. Grey's got GLEEked tonite and it was beautiful! Lots of peeps on fb didn't like it, or didn't know what to make of it...but those of who are Gleeks, LOVED it!!! Plus, I'd done some reading up on it and the songs they were singing were poignant to shows in the past. My only complaint is that Owen Hunt should NOT sing! Private Practice was good...touched on a few current issues and was all around good! Mobbed had me in tears!!!!! Wasn't expecting that!! I just couldn't imagine having a wedding planned for me like that, and there being 1000 people in attendance!! It was good tho!!

So now that my tear ducts are all cleaned out...g'nite!

Til next time...God bless!


  1. I was wondering if you'd touch on Grey's. On one hand, I was fascinated by it and several of the songs I adore. They sang them so well. On the other hand, I was very distracted and confused too by the singing. It seemed weird set to that kind of trauma. Interesting for sure!

  2. i absolutely loved greys too. I thought the music was great and a very innovative approach to the story line. Owen, its true, doesnt have a great voice, but I give him points for trying. I saw him on a talk show the day before talking about the show. he said he had never sung professionally (no kidding) but the director talked him into ith with a months worth of vocal coaching. i wouldnt buy a CD of him but I thought he did ok considering. Sara on the other hand was wonderful. I wasnt aware until recently that she had won a Tony award for Spamalot on Broadway. I went right to Itunes & bought the song she sang at the end. I am a hardhearted one, rarely cry in movies or tv shows, but that had me going too! All in all, a super show.


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