Thursday, April 7, 2011


Did you know this day even exists!!?!?! If not, April 6th is now declared Wacky Weather Day!!! When DJ got up at 7, he minded himself and let Sam sleep too...she didn't get up til just about 8:30...that's when it dawned on me...and I asked DJ to see if there was snow on the ground...there wasn't. Whew! And the sun was actually shining!! Then it rained. And rained and snowed at the same time. Then sun. Then hail. And MORE hail. Then sun. Then rain. And finally snow, which had stuck around unfortunately! WACKY!!

We ate breakfast and then got ready to head out grocery shopping. I only wanted to do Freddy's today, and that's all we had time for really. So off we went! The kids went into Play Land, and I went on my merry way shopping. I think I spent the bulk of my time in the stupid cereal aisle!! Aside from the really expensive (but damn good) cereal over in the health section, I needed to find something that didn't taste like cardboard, and doesn't have sugar in it. Took me forever to find the Shredded Wheat too that my mom suggested. I thought they put all the "good for you" cereals on the top shelf, but apparently they like to mix it up!! I did finally find it, and amazingly, found a "Freddy" brand that was half the price! YAY me!!!

After Freddy's we got gas and headed for home. Got parked just as my g/f Kody was pulling into the driveway with her girls Emma and Isobel. We had a play date!! I got the groceries in the house, and unloaded while we chatted. Then made the kids lunch, got them started and made my own lunch. She pulled out her teeny tiny knitting needles and got to work on making the second sock for Isobel. She also brought her Hot Fix applicator...for affixing rhinestones to just about anything. You see, I've wanted an AVON shirt for a while now, but wasn't willing to shell out 27.00 for ONE shirt that had Avon spelled out in rhinestones...and when I told Kody about it, she told me about her little gadget and I was sold!!! I bought a BIG bag of stones at Ben's one time and waited patiently for all 4 kids to be healthy, and for both of us to have time to meet up! Today was the day!!

So once I got done eating, I set up my shirts and started working on it. Set up the lettering on the shirt first, and then hot fixed them to the shirt. Well the first shirt was definitely a learning experience!!! With cotton, it doesn't need to be held for so long. I'd had the shirt folded up in half underneath where I was working, and when done, I'd pretty much glued the whole shirt together. AY yi yi!! Got it separated and pray that the reside will wash out from the bottom of the shirt, front AND back!! So, like I said, learning experience! The second shirt, I laid flat and put a piece of cardboard between the layers! Now I was thinking!!! The first one, I did AVON across the top of the chest and then put some on the collar of the shirt (it's black) and the second one (pink) I put I heart (but the actual symbol) AVON and it looks super cute!!

I wasn't half done the second shirt when Kody and the girls headed home....and I was on the O when Howie got home. Sam was LOVING the heart I did on the shirt and thought it was for her lol. Once I got the shirt done, we headed into town for dinner. I'd gotten a gift cert for a local BBQ place that we've enjoyed in the past. 25.00 cert for 2.00!!! Can't beat that!! The only stipulation is that you have to spend 35.00 before tax! EASY!!!!! As it turns out, it wasn't that easy, but we managed...and enjoyed a lovely meal for 4 people for 14.00!! Not too shabby!! No cooking for Howie, and no dishes for me!! The kids gobbled it up too! DJ discovered he LOVES coleslaw!! On the way home he was plotting about when to eat the leftovers tomorrow lol.

We got home and I decided not to bathe the kids, they can wait til tomorrow...the hot fix was calling my name!!!! So I got my jeans out and added some bling to the pockets (I'm fairly certain my dad is rolling his eyes at this!) and as I was working on my first pair, Sam asked for some "polka dots" on her jeans...she was wearing them...and I said sure, so she stripped down right then and there and gave them to me to work on. How could I not?? Plus, her little pockets didn't take long!!! She LOVED it and hugged her jeans when I was done. DJ wanted me to do his too, but I said no. :(

Once the kids were in bed we watched AI...gotta say, they ALL brought their "A" game tonite!!! While I'm not a fan of Rock, they made some really good choices!!! My picks for bottom 3, Jacob, Casey, and Paul...with Pia as an alternate. It was tough!! Stefano did great in the middle, Scotty did fabulous! Lauren was amazing!! Haley is winning me over, but I'm afraid she'll damage her vocal chords. James was PHENOMENAL!!!!!! Really! It'll be interesting!!

Then I watched Survivor....poor Matt!!!! Seriously, did they have to be so mean!?!?!? And why on earth didn't he listen to Mike's proposal and vote Grant...would have been a HUGE blindside!! All I can do is shake my head! He did great in the duels, but they were mostly women...and now its gonna be the men getting voted off and they'll have had more food.

Off the Map was gross tonite!!! The burnt hands were unwatchable for me!! lol I have a weak stomach! in fact, a g/f of mine in Ireland posted about her daughter losing the tip of her left ring finger today and my stomach churned! Thankfully, like she said, she's so young, she'll never know the difference. *shudder*  Anyways, it was a good show!! I did some knitting and took my time so I can avoid those darned dropped stitches!

Til next time...God bless!

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  1. I've heard that stores put the sugary cereal in the mid-lower shelves, at kid's eye level.
    The healthy stuff is on top, and the store brands (of all of them) are usually on the bottom shelf(s).
    (...and soups are in alphabetical order by flavor- go figure!)


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