Monday, April 18, 2011

Shiver me timbers!!!

I'm gonna cheat tonite and give you my day in pictures!!!

We woke up to big flakes of snow falling...and Samantha asking if santa was coming!!!

Timberrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr!!!!!!!!!! the wrong way!! Thank God we didn't take out the power lines when it hit them! Yep, it was that close! You'll also notice our mailbox is no more....

Yep, it's toast!!! I tried valiantly to get Howie to pry it open and salvage it, but really, upon closer inspection, it was buckled pretty good!!!

We waited ALL afternoon to head over and see our newest baby!! She fell asleep in my arms and was very content!! SamSam keeps calling her "My Northern Belle" SOOO cute! Both of them!!! I spent an hour just holding her!! Her nose is getting black spots, and will eventually be all black. Its cuter now...

 SamSam did a little bit of this, and actually fell and hurt her elbow, just a bruise, but she didn't like the swing for a bit after that. Cute how she blames the swing...

DJ did a bit of this and was swinging away!! He's fearless on this thing! Scares me tho!

This is our wood pile after 2 you can see, there's more to be cut, but the rain/hail/sun wasn't as co-operative today!

Now he's doing this....sound asleep, and probably snoring!

And she's doing how she tucks her hands under her face to sleep!!!

And I finished this tonite!! The baby blanket its finished!!! Just need to do a hat and I can get back to my sweater!! :) Jasper thinks the blanket is awesome too!!

Til next time...God bless!

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