Saturday, April 9, 2011

Did I Shave My Legs For This?

Today I woke up feeling GREAT!!!!!! I got a block of solid sleep that was more than 6 hours!! With it being Friday, DJ knows to wake Howie up, so I didn't even hear him at all! What woke me was Howie putting the cutlery away from the dishwasher...and it was still early enough that I had time to pee and doze back to sleep!! LOVE it!

Then I got up and made a yummy omelet for breakfast...found out Samantha "wasn't hungry" and she didn't have breakfast...and DJ ate TWO english muffins! As we were eating DJ spied the boys next door outside and asked if he could join...he'd been bugging since I got up and I'd told him to wait til after the Avon guy arrived...but since they were already out, NOOOOO problem!! Out he went and it wasn't even 9:30! Howie left for work and the Avon guy showed up shortly after. I was trying to get Sam dressed, but she was being insistent on wearing a dress outside to we settled on a skirt with pants under it. I then had both kids outside and peace and quiet to divvy up the orders. YES!!!!!!

I got it sorted and ready to go, and then took a nice long shower! That even included shaving my legs for the first time this Spring! I had a good chuckle too remembering back to my twenties when shaving every other day was a necessity!!!!! God forbid I go a week!! Then post marriage-pre kids, it was special occasions, you know, birthdays, holidays, that sort of thing. Now, post kids, I could care less! Unless its the first sunny day we've had in a LONG time and I wanna wear capris pants...ha! And wouldn't ya know it...I nicked (knicked?) myself on the back of my calf just where it bends with the knee...every single time!!!! Or its the ankle bone...where there's no hair to begin with! The pain of being a woman!

While I was getting dried off the kids came in to tell me they were hungry and that they wanted to eat at the picnic I said sure, and I'd be right out. They'd asked if the boys could join them and I said I'd call over to make sure it was okay. Then DJ comes back and tells me they've already got their lunch and are eating it. Stupid me thought that meant they went home to I go out to the kitchen in my bra and pants cuz my shirt is on the table...and there sit 3 boys! AHHHHHHHHHH!!! Thankfully David was looking down at something and I hightailed it outta there...and sent DJ back for my shirt! Yikes that could been scary for a 9 year old boy!!! LOL 

Soon as they were all done eating, back outside they went!!! I'd also gone over to give Michaela her books she ordered....and found out they were leaving at that was perfect. I didn't need to interrupt their playing and have whiny kids about leaving. I still had groceries to finish getting, and a couple Avon things to do. By 3, the boys were still there, so I headed back over and found out Micheal had come home and Lara had left...and that my two could keep on playing. Sweet!!! Off I went!

Stopping at the consignment shop wasn't on my list, but it was right there...and no I went in to see if I had a credit with them...40.00!!!!! WOOT!!!!! I killed it too! Got Samantha a beautiful yellow Easter dress...and DJ two new dress up shirts (one was a Calvin Klein too!) and some other stuff that the kids will enjoy seeing tomorrow. I was going to save it for Easter, but I have other stuff for their "basket" which is really a pail. :)

I finally got home shortly after 6 and there were no kids I quick like a bunny took the Easter stuff in the house. Then walked over to see what was happening next door....they'd  just come in and were all tired from being outside. I got Sam and DJ and headed home. While making the kids wash their filthy hands we discussed dinner. I suggested nuggets or pancakes and DJ amazingly chose pancakes!! AND asked for fruit cut up to eat with it!!!! How awesome is that!?!?! Since we don't have any fresh strawberries, or honeydew (he was sad about this) we did banana and apple. He gobbled it right up too!!

Then the crankies set in...boy were they tired!!!!! And what did I go and do? Rearrange the pantry!!! I'd been thinking about doing it for a couple weeks now, and today with all the groceries bought, it was begging me to be done! Like I said...been thinking about it for a while now...and inspiration finally hit me!! If I put Avon boxes on their sides, I'm creating a "shelf" in there so I can put stuff up on top of it and in it and in front of it....oh it worked like a charm!!!!!! I then took out the big clunky kitchen "toys" and tried putting them in the lazy susan, but they were too big and they're now on the floor of the pantry. I even tossed the deep fryer...the basket is broken...and I don't see us deep frying ever again! Plus, I was able to organize it far better than what it was...a shelf for recycle and crafts...a shelf for food stuffs...a shelf for Avon...and a shelf for the extras. And I can SEE everything I need to!!! SO awesome!

I was reading a book to the kids when Howie came home from work, so we finished up and he tucked them in with me. DJ was asleep so fast I couldn't get in to kiss him good nite....and I didn't dawdle as usual with Sam as I knew how tired she was too! Instant sleep is awesome!!! So then I got all the Easter stuff out and got the eggs "stuffed" with the chocolate and gum and tootsie rolls I got...they're ready to go! And showed Howie the new clothes...stuff their pails with stuff. I even found cute 1oz chocolate crosses instead of 3oz bunnies!

Howie ate dinner, worked his fishing pole for fishing tomorrow, and then went to bed! I got the dishes unloaded and whatever was dirty loaded up and FINALLY sat down!!! Man, was I ready!!!! Are you just exhausted reading all this? lol So I put the tv on and search the dvr and see the movie I'd recorded called Stepbrothers. Boy, was it THE stupidest movie I've seen in a LONG time!!!! WOW!!!! Totally mindless yet made me laugh at some things. The stuff Will Farrell will do for a laugh!!

Til next time...God bless!

P.S....Did I Shave My Legs For This is a great song too! :)

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