Monday, April 11, 2011

What a whirlwind day!!!

This morning I had little visitors around 8:30. One by one they came in to tell me something "so" important. For DJ it was something about cookies, and for SamSam it was that she wanted to wear a dress to church. I got up shortly after 9 and hopped in the shower to get ready for church. We did the two vehicle thing again as today was also an Avon day...and its easier and less time consuming to just leave from church.

DJ was extra fidgety during worship this morning...rather buggy about his snack too. I did let him go to the bathroom all by himself tho, as I explained in a whisper that Daddy and I like to stay in and listen...and if he wants to disrupt, he can go by himself. He did rather good!! Came right back running, or inappropriate yelling/talking! And then sat down with me, ate his snack, and promptly fell asleep on my lap!

He woke up just as the service ended and the last song was being sung, so he sat on my lap and woke himself up. Then sat with Howie while I got Sam from her class, and while we went potty. Then I kissed 'em all and headed to Lynnwood. Made one delivery before stopping for lunch at my g/f's house, and to deliver to her too, but mostly to visit for a half hour. Then I was on my merry way!!! I'd say half my deliveries were home, the other half not, so that does ease up some of my time. Which also allowed me 15 minutes to go see my boyfriend Micheal...he was holding the last remaining yarn in the colour I wanted for my sweater. Since it was put on hold last Tuesday, I wasn't guaranteed it would be there today....but thankfully, due to employee laziness, it was still there!! Whew! 

After my last stop I headed home!  With one stop at the shed, but the run was still being unloaded, so I got back in the car and headed home. I got home within minutes of the burgers being taken off the grill...perfect timing!!! Lovely dinner!!! And he'd done the dishes too!!! Love him! After the slowpoke kids were done eating, the 3 of us hopped in the truck and headed back to the shed, giving Howie a few minutes of peace and quiet. Got there and my g/f Anneke was there shopping too. Chatted with her while shopping, and Deana too, while the kids watched their movie in the truck.

Got home, and went right into bed time mode! Teeth brushed, hands washed, feet washed...oh yeah, we're into dirty feet season again! I think the bulk of it comes from the trampoline, but I can't be certain...I have seen them barefoot out there and its NOT summer yet!!! OY! I know my mom's laughing at this as I too, had a very tough time keeping shoes on! :D  Once the kids were in bed I went into lunch mode for Howie for tomorrow. He was busy reading, so I took care of his lunch and coffee. Then I finally sat down!!! Whew!

Watched Amazing Race, which was good. Not at all sorry to see the father/daughter team go...even if we do share the same name! Then I watched Brothers & Sisters double episode...all good stuff!  Even had me teary eyed! Then Army Wives, which again had me crying! My heart breaks for any parent who has to bury a child!!! Now, I'm done!! Done like dinner DONE!! G'nite!

Til next time...God bless!

P.S...been thinking about my Grandpa today as it was his birthday...I think he would have been 93....

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