Tuesday, April 12, 2011

I think every day should have an "aww" moment

This morning DJ woke up about 7:30 and went to watch tv...I know this cuz he was in bed with me! We've been having discussions when I put him to bed...he tells me I can't sleep in his bed...so I tell him he can't sleep in mine! He doesn't think it should work that way lol. Sam was up shortly after 8 and both bugging for breakfast. DJ has now learned the concept of adding fruit to cereal...and he likes it! Sam just wants hers on the side...she can be particular!

After breakfast DJ got dressed and started bugging to go next door...finally at 10:30 I said sure, and off he went! Sam couldn't get dressed fast enough to go with him! I had told DJ that if they couldn't stay there and play, he could invite the boys over here. My two came home within 10 minutes of Sam leaving here, and brought with them 3 boys! D soon got called back home as he had school work to do...but K and C stayed and played very well with my two. Then the painting started!! DJ got this Toy Story paint book for Christmas that resurfaced when I cleaned out the pantry and ever since then he's been bugging and bugging to paint in it....so I let the two older paint, and the two younger colour. Miss Samantha was NOT happy with my decision one bit!!! And let me know it! So, she got sent to her room to cry it out. I went in there after 5 mins and she threw herself on the bed in defiance and cried even harder, so I left. Another 5 go by and I go back in there and she's whimpering...so I sit in the rocking chair to talk to her and she comes up to give me a hug. I hug her back and just hold her rocking and telling her that she can paint another day but today is a colouring day...she accepted that and came out to play nicely.

Since they were all having such fun, I decided to join them...and coloured my own picture! Of course the kids all thought I had quite the talent....staying inside those lines IS tough y'know!! In the end DJ painted 4, K painted 2 (he took more time with his and did a great job!) and the two little ones each coloured 2. Then they all grabbed blankets, and pillows and laid on the floor to watch tv while I made lunch. This is when my "awww" moment happened....and thankfully I was camera ready! It was just adorable how content they all were!

Then they all ate lunch and did pretty good considering there's four of them! I'm quite thankful God didn't give us twins and only singletons!!! Feel like I dodged a bullet there! :) About 1:45 I sent the boys home as we needed to head to the shed and do the books. Put a movie on for the kids and I got to work. The gal who brings the book run came by to drop off books and helped me load up, so I then helped her unload and put all the books on the shelf! Then we headed home. The kids were once again hungry, so DJ had strawberries and Sam had half a banana...I had the other half, and then a fiber cake, which is REALLY yummy!! Sam thinks so too! She kept stealing bites of mine! Rascal!

Howie got home just after 4:30 and within an hour we were getting dinner ready! Yummy pork chops!!!! For dessert I made pudding and the kids just gobbled it up! DJ said he was STILL hungry, so I let him have an apple with peanut butter...he ate all but one slice of it! Can we say growth spurt again!!!?!?!?!? OY! I keep tellin him not to!! He's not listening to me...

I then bathed them and we put them to bed!! Once seated in my lovely chair, Howie and I watched HIMYM and had a good laugh! Then he went to bed and I caught the last 5 of 9 dancers on DWTS. The good 5 too! Ralph NAILED it!!!!! Hines is winning me over! Chris was fierce!!! Chelsea is doing really good and bringing a fresh edge to a 300 year old dance! Kirstie...that woman and her technical difficulties!! lol  After that I switched to dvr and watched Mike & Molly and then Castle! I didn't get this one figured out...it was good!

Kept on knitting tonite too...got another 2.5 inches done on the sweater...seems to be my standard for 3 hours of knitting...not too shabby! I also decided that the pattern calls for a sweater that's WAY too long on me! At least for where I want it to sit on my waist...so I'll be "Missifying" the pattern to suit me! Which means, I'm further along on it that I thought!!! SWEET!!! I might even get to wear it this Spring instead of having to wait til Fall!! This excites me!

Til next time...God bless!

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