Saturday, April 9, 2011

Fuschia Saturday

Has been an annual thing for 21 years now!! I look forward to Fuschia Saturday every year as its the first look of Spring that comes to the house!

What is it?

The one day a year that Fred Meyer sets aside to plant your fuschias for you. Yep, bring your pots, buy their plants, and they'll fill 'em up with GOOD dirt and plant them for ya!! LOVE it!!! And today was the day!

Sam woke me up this morning shortly after 8 thanking me for her new dress! "Its so beautiful!!" was what she kept repeating. I explained it was a new dress for Easter and she has to wait til then to wear it. She didn't quite understand that and kept on saying she thought it was beautiful. When I got up and showed the clothes to the kids, they were both excited for everything....til I told them I had to wash it all before they could wear it. I did let Sam try the dress on just to get the excitement over with. It worked!

Before breakfast was even over there was a knock at the that! DJ gobbled his down and headed out to play! Sam wasn't too far behind him! I then laid down on the couch with my splitting headache hoping the advil I'd taken before breakfast would kick in already. Howie came home within minutes of the kids going he put golf on, sure way to get me napping! I put a cloth over my eyes and I was out! Til Sam came in wet from pee...I'm not enjoying her laziness to responding to her body! Today alone she went thru 5 pairs of pants!! Good thing she owns 15!

I got up at 11:30 and headed to Freddy's with my baskets in tow. Two of them were broken, but I took them anyways. I did buy 3 more and got 10 fuschias and 10 geraniums to plant in four of them. The last two are just filled with earth for the trees my  mom and dad gave the kids...perfect time to plant them I'd say! I also did the last of the stuff on sale shopping and came home! Just in time to make lunch for me and Howie...the kids were eating when I got in the door after hanging all the plants up.

After lunch Howie worked outside and I worked inside...him collecting rocks, and me mopping floors. And doing laundry...which I need to put the last load in the dryer! I'm on top of it today...that's 4 loads washed AND dried!!! Pretty darn kool if ya ask me! I also put the letters on the back of the truck advertising that I'm with Avon with my name and number! *crosses fingers*

Howie got his new toy out, the chainsaw, and cut up some branches, and the Christmas tree ready to burn if we ever dry up for more than a week! And then cut down the dead tree trunk in the front that was rotted with termites! It literally exploded when it hit the ground! The kids and I watched it fall from a great distance!

Then we did dinner and baths! DJ was still awake when I was done with Sam, but she was asleep by the time I was done tucking DJ in! And him very shortly after too! Love that! Now, I'm off to win a fortune at bingo with a couple friends! Perfect way to end a Saturday! Hence the "early" post! :)

Til next time...God bless!

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