Tuesday, April 5, 2011

I'm beginning to think

Even the ducks are thinking "enough rain already!!!"

Yet another non-stop day of rains!!! NON STOP!!!!! So glad I don't work outside!!!! And extremely thankful our roof is holding up to the test!

This morning the kids decided they wanted egg mcmuffins for breakfast, and right as I'm making them, Sam decides she wants me to hold the egg on hers! And add chocolate...silly girl!!! And DJ ate his in 3 parts...top, bottom and egg...all I can do is shake my head...lol

After that they wanted to go next door, so I made them wait til 10:30, and told them if they couldn't go in, they could invite the boys over to play. Caleb came back with them and the 3 of them had a grand time!!  I got  busy with dishes and cleaning the kitchen up. They wanted a snack around 11, and so they split a small bag of chips we got as a sample...not sure any of them tasted them they were devoured so quickly!

At lunch C's mom called and asked for him to go home to eat...and that worked out fine for me as I was just getting started on our lunches. We ate and then headed to the shed to do the books. The plan was to get rid of ALL the books, but since there's no school this week, I'm to take them to Goodwill instead...works for me! I got ALL of them in the truck, but couldn't grab the extra that was asked of me in the trailer...tis okay, I'm pretty loaded with books.

On the way to the shed, on one of the roads, the "creek" is now a swamp! It's spread out so much it could almost be a pond...and it's flowing FAST!!! Quite the sight to see really! As we drove by Pegasus ranch, their side ditch is now a swamp too! Just full of water! The one bridge I have to cross, was good, but again the "creek" was spilling over the banks...not sure how much room there is til it crests the bridge itself, but man, that's a lot of water!

We got back home and the kids wanted to go next door again, but I knew they were doing family movie afternoon....so I said no, and got lots of flack from DJ about that. So, we came in, and I got apples and peanut butter as a snack and we watched a VeggieTales movie just the 3 of us til Howie got home from work. He was placated and enjoyed snuggling with me on the couch for a bit.

Once Howie got home they wrestled a bit of energy out which was nice! And then the 3 of them sat in his chair and watched Dragon Tales (good thing the dragons don't eat veggies!!!!) while I worked on some Avon stuff since the order is due tomorrow. Before I knew it, it was dinner prep time! Burgers were on the menu now that we have propane again...they sure were tasty too!

After dinner we tag teamed the bathing, I put SamSam in the tub and Howie put DJ in the shower and we got 'em both done at the same time!! The boys beat us today...I was just washing Sam's feet up when I heard "we're done" thru the wall. Drats! Sure is nice to have 'em done at the same time...less work for me! Then we put them in bed and got settled with some blueberry ice cream and watched DWTS.

Ralph is still my fave guy...and Kirstie is my fave girl even tho I missed her dance completely thanks to a blown fuse! GRR the timing!!!! Not sure why it set off, I've had the heater plugged in there for weeks, but tonite it just didn't like it!  Since I missed a few dancers, I was done when they were done...so I watched Army Wives. What a great show this is! Even tho they lost a soldier last week, they're showing the effects it has on so many people on so many levels...quite a tribute to any fallen soldier! After that was Castle...Nathan Fillion is just wonderful in his role as Castle...and I can't help but point out that he's Canadian!!!

I started a baby blanket last nite while watching the ACMs for a lady at church that I know is having a girl, and I'm being extra careful in my stitches so it looks good...and what do I do tonite? Drop a freakin stitch!! And not one I can just work it back up on the needle either...so all the work I did tonite had to come out just to catch my mistake...SO frustrating!!!!! Perfection sure has a price!!!

Til next time...God bless!

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