Saturday, April 23, 2011

Shave and a hair cut, two bits!

Today absolutely FLEW by...and I'm not even sure how!

I got to sleep in, which is customary for Fridays as you well know...and before I even had my eyes fully open the Avon was at the door. DJ used his strong muscles to bring it in, but couldn't carry it up the stairs. Howie happened to be walking by and brought it for him (really, for me) and then we had breakfast.

Since the sun was shining, the kids went next door to see who could play, and ended up watching Tron with the boys. I got busy with the Avon, and I hadn't done up my books yet, so got that done too!  My plan then was to head out and do the grocery shopping...I looked at the clock and it was just after 11, good timing! I swear to you, the very next time I looked at the clock, when I got in the truck to go, it said 12:25...WHAT THE???? Time continuum strikes again!

So I got SamSam out of her seat and we went and worked in the garden a bit til lunch time. Since we had hair cuts scheduled for 3:30, there was no way I could get to town, shop, come home, make lunch, and eat  lunch in the space of 3 hours! When it was time for lunch I got a call from next door asking if I could take the 3 boys with me for haircuts for them too...I said sure, and they came in when DJ did for lunch. Which he didn't eat (clue #1) and instead he watched (clue #2) the boys play while Sam and I ate lunch. Then we all piled in the truck and off we went. I had a few errands to do before heading to the salon.

First was DJ's school to get gift cards...then to drop off books to my local rep...then as we were driving by it, I stopped at the local pet store to get a few things for Northern Belle's arrival...collar and anti-chewing spray...and got a new comb for both dogs as well as a lovely lavender shampoo that was on sale. Then we swung by the bank so I could get money out to pay for the haircuts and off we went. We would have been on time if we hadn't had that brand new musta-been-her-first-day teller at the bank! Boy, was that a long wait!

DJ got his cut first and then sat on my lap (clue #3) while everyone else played...that's when I noticed he had a fever. I'd checked before we left the house and hew as 97.4...but he was burning up sitting on my lap. I'd even called Howie to see what time he got up this morning since he was acting so weird....he was up at 5:30 and then again at WAY too early! I was hoping he'd fall asleep on during errands and he could go last for haircut, but he went first. Then Aliya went to show Sam how easy it is to get one...and then SamSam got her first trim! Took about an inch of hair off, and broke my heart! Most of it was her gorgeous curl, but I'll know more tomorrow after her bath. :( Then C went, then K, then D and then finally ME! Got mine trimmed an inch and got my brows done. DJ fell asleep during this part, which was fine with me!

We didn't get home til just about 6 and came in to do dinner right away. I'd have loved to have gone out shopping after dinner, but DJ was not in any shape or form to be leaving the house again. He ate half an english muffin and that was it for dinner. After they both got their pj's on and we snuggled in my chair and watched tv. They got to talk to Howie when I called to see what his E.T.A. was for home...since he was just leaving work then, I decided to put the kids to bed before he got home. They both fell asleep fast!

I then puttered til Howie got home and then got his dinner in him before sitting down to watch tv. Tonite was the airing of Girls Night Out in Vegas with the ACM...all country!!! What a show too!! LOVED it! Carried Underwood moved up on my "love her" list...all the women honoured were wonderful! Howie enjoyed it so much that he stayed up and watched it with me before going to bed. Then I watched Friday Night Lights...this is the final season and I'm gonna miss this one!! Such a great show...yeah, its all about football, but I really do like it!

I got the cowl collar done on the sweater...and tried it on, with my arms tucked down as there's no sleeves yet, but I love it!! May even be a bit big on me, but I love it! NO way am I frogging it to make it smaller! All that work...heck no!!!  As I was casting off the collar DJ came out and said he needed to puke, so off we ran, but then he changed his mind and said he needed to pee. When I'd put him to bed he wasn't that warm, but he was warm at 1 when he got up. Went back to bed easily all tucked in, and refusing medicine....even tho he has a headache too. Poor guy! Sure hope this one is a quick one!

Til next time...God bless!

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