Saturday, April 2, 2011

April Fool's Mom

This morning I got my weekly sleep in...but I was awake a bit before that as DJ was laying on my arm and blocking my way to the when he finally got up, so did pee...and then back in bed I went for another hour and a half. I was already awake when Howie came to wake me, so while he was in the shower, I made us breakfast...fried egg on bagel sandwich...YUM!!!!!! The Everything thin bagels are delish! Since its April Fool's day and I can no longer use the joke that "I'm pregnant" I thought long and hard about what to do to prank everyone. So I hijacked Howie's account on fb and put "just found out I'm going to be a Grandpa!!!" and then I put "is in shock that she's gonna be a grandma....I'm too young for this!!!"  The responses were hilarious!!! Most everyone caught on right away! So then I text the same thing to my mom and sister...and Tori knew right away I was pranking mom, didn't. She asked all kinds of questions and I played along. Then she stopped texting me, so I messaged her an hour later asking if she was still there. She was and said she was digesting the which point I told her it was a joke. She wasn't happy with me!  To say the least! (yes, I'm giggling) and said "why would I expect lies from you?" Ouch, that stung a bit. Hope she finds some humour in it when she thinks back on it. Jake however was not impressed with my shenanigans either...hahaha He'll get it one day and prank us in the same manner....just you wait!

Once Howie left for work DJ started askin to go next door...but I made him wait til 10:30...and he was off like a rocket! Samantha was content with fact, I got so many kisses today, I want a "do over" day just so I can get them again!! She can be stingy with her hugs and kisses!

Lunch was just me and her...she wanted a cheese sandwich, so I cream cheesed a bagel thin for her and she gobbled it up! Gotta remember that for the days we're in the truck driving thru lunch! She started asking for DJ after lunch, so I called over to see how he was doing and if he'd been fed...things were good. So to distract Sam, we headed into town.

First stop was the shed, the bread run came in, so we're now stocked on bagel thins for a month! And then we went to Lowes to return a couple things and get a couple different things. She had to pee as soon as we got there, so we dropped the returns and headed straight for the washrooms. Whew! Got what we needed and off we went to Freddy's. Eggs were the main reason we were going there...well I got those and much more lol As I'm getting the cauliflower trimmed Sam starts going on about needing to we dropped our basket off at the self check desk and headed to the bathroom. OY! There was a worker waiting to clean it, but he let us in before he got started whew!

Once done at Freddy's we headed home...and Sam fell asleep! So when I got home I unloaded while she slept on. DJ saw I was home and came over to ask if he could go to the park with the, it's raining pretty steady, but I said sure, I know how much pent up energy all the kids have!! I made him go pee since he was dancing so much. One kid that goes pee everywhere we go, and one I have to remind to go pee...night and day I tell you! So off he went and I woke Sleeping Beauty up. Boy was she not happy with me either!! But she remembered she got a free bag of chips from the store and wanted some. And from there she was okay.

About 5 DJ came in the house SOAKING wet!!! I made him strip down in the laundry room and then go get dressed again. He was also saying he needed to pack an over night bag with his pj's and I told him I needed a phone call first that it was okay for him to spend the nite. I got one, and he came back to get his bag. Sam started throwing a hissy fit that she wasn't going over there too, so I called over to see if she could join them for some play. Sure thing. So off they went across the yard. I'm SO incredibly thankful they're that close!!! These kids have no idea how lucky they are!

And just like that, I had a quiet house!!! Eerie quiet! I got busy with dishes and making chili for dinner. And folding laundry. I watched some stuff on dvr...Blake Shelton was on The Talk today and I'd dvr'd it, so I watched that. Enjoyed a quiet dinner reading my magazine. And just reveled in the lack of attention I needed to give anyone! Even the dog and cats were content to just be on their own, sprawled out anywhere they pleased!

Just before 8 I saw Sam come out their back door and watched her walk across the yards to come home. She looked tired! And had an attitude to match it! So I got her in pj's, brushed her teeth, washed her hands and we sat and watched some Dora to calm down and wait for Howie to get home. Once he got home it was straight to bed for her.  Then the waiting started to see if DJ would actually spend the nite there!

At 10:02 the phone rang to let us know DJ was on his way home. He came walked the whole way crying. Poor guy! When he got in bed and calmed down a bit we got the low down on what was going on. Apparently they'd been watching Scooby Doo...which is harmless...but thru the eyes of a 4 year old, its pretty darn scary!! I don't let my two watch it cuz there's always monsters and scary things/beings on it. But  he'd been watching it with the boys and got spooked, so he came home. He was out like a light instantly too!  haha

Then Howie and I watched some stuff in dvr together before he went to bed. I kept on watching and just relaxed. I'm taking a self imposed knitting break as I'm suffering from knitting elbow...and it hurts!!! Plus, I need more yarn and won't be going to Michael's til Tuesday. Such is life!

Til next time...God bless!

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