Wednesday, April 13, 2011

If I let her,

She'd swing ALL day long!!!!

Right after breakfast this morning the begging for a bike ride started! I kid you not! The sun was shining, and to them that's a "summer" day for a bike ride!! Good thing there's no pool evident, or they'd wanna swim in that too!

Around 11:30 we headed into town to do the pizza and book drop...quite the haul on pizzas, and they were like bees to a flower! Of course we drove by a couple parks, and one of them the big one in town, but since we hadn't eaten lunch, nor had I packed one, I had to say no. But the promises of a bike ride were made!!!  That seemed to appease them.

We got home and had lunch straight away...the kids wanted pizza (naturally) and so I made one while I made salad for me. They gobbled it up as they knew they were going outside to play when done. And the boys next door were waiting! Without them under foot, I did the dishes, and gathered laundry....I'm laundry gatherer...oy! I want my fairy back!!! DJ kept coming in the house to see when I was taking him for a bike ride...or because he was hungry. The child has not stopped eating this week!!! It's a constant!

I tried to lay down for a nap with the window open while they were outside playing (Sam on the swing for most of the time) and I got a whopping 20 minutes before DJ came in looking for that bike ride. Finally at 3 I said "let's go" and off we went! Sam made me carry her bike...nice eh? Apparently DJ was bored with the bike ride and wanted to go to the park down the street. Now, this "park" has only 4 swings, and a basketball court (there's a pool under there from long ago) and that's it!! So, I dropped Sam's bike by our mail box and DJ rode his. Oh he almost gave me a heart attack!!! Riding in the middle of the road while I'm screaming at him GET TO THE RIGHT!!!!!!! I finally ditched his bike and made him walk with us while explaining that he could get hit riding like that! Hopefully I scared him silly! Our road, while in the country, is a little windy, and even tho its posted 25/h they do NOT adhere to it! I shudder to think of what went thru my head! Not pretty!

We met up with Michaela and Kristopher at the park, they'd gone for a bike ride, but needed warmer jackets, so they were swinging away waiting. Sam and DJ each took a swing, and I pushed them higher and higher!  I tried teaching DJ how to pump the swing for himself to keep it going, but he was being stubborn. Hate when that streak shows up! Samantha kept on swinging away...giggling every now and then just loving the breeze thru her pony tails (when I did them, she looked in the mirror and said "I look like Dora, thank you mummy!") and holding on tight! I think I pushed her for 45 mins!!!

Lara came back with Caleb and David, and they left K with us to play. She'd told me about the sign for the puppies up the street, and sure enough there it was. We met up with Howie on his way home from work, and he saw it and said we should go up there. So he parked the car and the 5 of us went up there. There were only 4 pups left, and only one female....she's a cutie!! Puppies are SOOOOOOO dang cute!! They were nipping at the kids knees and romping around...adorable!!! So we put a hold on the girl and said we'd let them know.

Came back home, the kids stayed out to play and we puppy chatted....and Howie decided this wasn't the right dog for us. He doesn't want a barker, and German Shepherds are barkers...made me sad, but I get it. Then I reminded him that a neighbour up the street that breeds Border Collies probably had their babies recently. So he calls, and sure enough they had! On the 2nd of while in the middle of making dinner, he shut the bbq off and we walked up there. Tink had had 10 puppies, but one had 9 left, 5 boys, 4 girls...and 2 of the girls were already spoken for. Without even batting an eyelash, Howie said the girl I was holding was going to be ours! Oh yeah, I'd say he got puppy fever!! BAD!!! So, now we're waiting for the weaning and then we'll have a puppy on our hands.

I took pix of them all snuggly together and sent it to my mom...and while we were eating dinner my dad called and said they want a puppy too!! Which makes me chuckle! He's been wanting a dog for a while now...and knew about the Border Collies last year when Tink had a litter, but we weren't in the right time for a pup, and they were sold in a day! So after dinner the kids and I headed back up to see the pups again, to take more pix and I found a boy that looks a lot like ours and sent pix...and of the mom and dad so they could see them. So, I may have two puppies to train for a while. Our little girl has been named already, by us, as we walked back from picking her out...Northern Belle. We'd heard about her lineage and knew that Grandma was Southern Belle, and since we're no where near the South, we chose Northern Belle for our girl's name. 'Course we'll call her Belle for short. I now have 4 weeks to puppy proof the house and get puppy paraphernalia.

When we got back from that trip the kids got in their pj's, washed hands and feet, and brushed teeth and hair and got a book read to them. While Howie was doing that, I hopped in the shower. Worked well, they were both sound asleep (as I knew they would be) when I was done. And I was free to sit and watch DWTS results. I thought for SURE Kendra was going home! Even tho I missed her dance, I did get to see her snotty attitude tonite "I don't care about the dance" should have gotten her voted off!  Instead, Sugar Ray is sent packing!  With no Glee, Tuesdays are sketchy for tv viewing. But I did get to see The Good Wife (WOW) and Parenthood (WOW WOW!!!) and knit the nite away. I'm almost done the body of the sweater...I figure tomorrow out to finish it up! Then sleeves and then the cowl. WOOT WOOT!

Til next time...God bless!

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