Tuesday, April 19, 2011

FINALLY the deep freeze

Can stop!!! As you know the fridge has been acting up for a while...and we've actually started using the freezer side to keep the really perishable things from perishing. Its that bad! And for the last month or so I've been looking avidly on craigslist for a new to us fridge. SO many times we'd get a reply back that it was just sold, or we'd find out it was too old. The trick with craigslist is you have to be first with the good deals...if you're not first, you've lost already! This past weekend I found a 2 year old Kenmore side by side for under 400...DONE!!!! I made Howie call right away and we were first!! She called us back and we set up a time for him to go get it tonite. So after dinner, he went and got our new fridge. It needs some cleaning, and two bottom drawers on the doors are broken, but I'm hoping that the ones from the deadbeat fridge will fit in there and make it all okay!

This morning the kids woke me with the news that it was snowing again...I have to say, I'm honestly SICK of hearing that!!! I want green buds, new grass, trees with new leaves, flowers starting to poke their heads up out of the ground... this weather will scare all that away!! We've been bird watching out our window and seen SO many Robins aerating our yard for us looking for worms. And there's a woodpecker letting us know he's there...thankfully he's left our house alone this Spring!

After breakfast the kids were bugging at me to go next door...so I said sure, since they get dressed faster this way. DJ waited patiently for Sam and they walked over...no one was home so they decided to play...didn't make for a happy mummy....especially when I had already said no. I think most of today was checking to see if mum really meant what she said...not a fun day for  me! Or for DJ really...he got sent to his room a lot...even during lunch!

After lunch we headed to the shed to do the books...didn't take me long now that I have full access to the shelves...what a difference!! Even unloaded the cd's and some vhs tapes. Starting to thin them out a bit. Way too many tapes for very few people who have vhs players still. The kids enjoyed watchin their movie in the back. And I'm getting much better at remembering to turn the interior lights completely off while its sitting there. That and I load all the books at one time instead of a box at a time leaving the door open. Makes a difference!

We got home and the kids wanted to go next door again...so off they went and inside they went this time! Whatever was I to do with all this quiet!?!?! I'd already done the dishes, and laundry is on tomorrow's schedule, so around 3:30, I laid down on the couch to warm up...I couldn't believe how cold I was!! I did doze off, but my feet did not warm up!! Howie came home and immediately flipped hockey on...there went the quiet! And one by one the kids came home. Sam with wet pants, and DJ a few minutes later.

After Howie left, I bathed the kids and then Snickers...this damn dog will not stop rolling in shit! Literally!! Since Howie was off doing the fridge thing, that meant I had to bathe her...she's not a water dog!! And keeping her from shaking the water off is chore!! Even tho I made sure the water was warm for her, she still was shaking like a leaf! Poor girl!! And even tho she's clean, and I washed "that" area twice, I can still smell it! BLECH!!!! Hopefully she's dry enough when I go to bed that I can sprinkle the lavender on her and make her smell better!

Howie got home just as we'd finished brushing teeth, so he helped with bed time once the fridge was in the garage for cleaning. While he was reading them stories, I went and had a much needed shower! FINALLY I was warm!!! Til I stepped out that is! Heated bathroom sure does sound good! LOL When I came out we watched HIMYM which was funny!! And then I flipped to DWTS...which is SOOOOO much better in fast forward mode! I skip all the preview shit and just watch the dance...and the scores, and that's really all I need! Hines is definitely winning me over!!! Altho, I confess, I wasn't watching him so much as I was watching Kim's twirly outfit...thinking how fun is that!?!!?!?  Kirstie finally had a blunder free week! Chelsea can MOVE!!!  I think Kendra is in danger of going home!! Again...she's still so very stiff to me. And for once I agree with Bruno!

Til next time...God bless!

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