Monday, April 4, 2011

And the ACM goes to...

This morning Mr DJ came in to wake me up and just chatted with me for about 10 minutes before Daddy discovered where he went! lol I didn't mind, he was awful sweet and funny! And it was time for me to get up anyways and get ready for church. I quick hopped in the shower and then got ready. I'm quite proud to say the "dress" pants I wear to church, are LOOSE!!!!!! Finally!!!!! Felt good too!

After church we stopped by Freddy's to get Howie's dad a gift for his birthday...we had no real plan as to what to get him, so headed to the men's dept and looked around. Found a gorgeous Mariner's sweatshirt that's that wick away material...and a nice cut too! It was our first choice, but Howie wanted to keep the end, we went with it! The kids wanted hot dogs for lunch, so I got turkey ones since we had none in the house. We also got Howie's fishing license while he was there as he's the one who needs to do it. Done deal!

Then we headed home with a stop at the shed to see what was brought in some mashed sweet potatoes with goat cheese, and some salads and a couple sandwiches. I also scored these brownie desserts...which meant I didn't have to bake a cake! SWEET!! Once home we got started on lunch right away. Then Howie went to get the propane tank filled, and the kids went outside since it wasn't raining (yet) and I got busy cleaning up the house!

For a change, DJ came in and helped me while Sam stayed out with the neighbours and played. He wanted to vacuum, so he picked up everything off the floors to do so. He was actually a big help! Howie got home and took over the vacuuming part while I kept on with tidying up. He wasn't even half way done and there was a knock at the door from my, was he early!! lol Sam was in the house by then and had her party dress back on, she'd put pants on to play outside, but wanted to be pretty for the party. :) She thoroughly loved up on dad too, it was quite sweet! We had to interpret what she was saying...and I forgot to ask if he had his hearing aids in. lol. Ellen wasn't with him as she's been across the state with her son who's having heart issues. We did miss her tho!

Jake  came for supper too...he had to work til 4:30, but got here just as we were serving dinner. Love when he's in a good mood and today was no different! Dinner was fabulous! Those sweet potatoes were amazing!!!! For whatever reason, Howie snubbed his nose at me when I grabbed them from the shed...he didn't think I'd be warming them up HA! Silly boy!

After dessert, DJ wanted Jake to take him on a bike ride, but settled for xbox instead. So the two of them duked it out in boxing and track stuff. At 7 he and dad left to go home, Jake to mow a lawn and dad to let Ellen's dog my two kept on playing with the xbox while Howie went down to play with playstation. This is the problem with eating dinner early....there's LOTS of time afterwards til bed time...but it finally came! And they both went to sleep without a hitch! I love my little sleepers!

Howie was feeling left out of the brownies dessert and wanted me to make some blueberry ice cream, so I did...YUM!!!! Just love that stuff!! Then I finally got to sit and watch the music awards...the BIG ones! AND to make it even sweeter...Blake Shelton was co-hosting with Reba! How awesome was that!?!?!  You could tell they had him on a short leash tho...his jokes were tame!!! And he didn't have a beer bottle in one hand!!

The new songs that were debuted were fabulous!!!!! I'd already gotten to listen to Blake's new song Honeybee...LOVE it!! And Darius Rucker did a very special song that had me in tears with pride!!! Oh, and have you heard Martina's new song Teenage on the money!!! Taylor Swift's new song is just great too!!! Mean I think it's called...not sure on the exact title tho. All in all a fabulous nite for country music's finest!!!! I sure do wish I was in Vegas this weekend...what a blast that would have been!!! I do have one friend who was there, and she texted me during the awards show...ahhhh, one day! After they were over I watched Desperate Housewives....Lynnette just kills me!!! I love her!! She's just great!!

Til next time...God bless!

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