Friday, April 15, 2011

Brrrrrrrrrrr its cold in here!!!

And this morning I got a double snuggle from the kids!!! We talked about what we were going to do with the day, and then what they wanted for breakfast...and the fact that today was K's birthday and I hadn't wrapped the gift like I said I would...bad Mummy!! Then I get up and see Jasper sitting on the even the cat thinks its cold out!!

As soon as he was done his last bite of breakfast DJ was bugging to go next door...I made him wait til 10ish and let them go! Watching them run to the sliding door next door, hair wild (Sam) and rubber boots sloshing is quite cute! With them out of the house I was able to get myself organized and gather up what needed gathering. I was returning the demo stuff to my district manager and needed to get it down to the truck. I swear there's some sort of time continuum somehow that fast forwards time...It wasn't even 11:30 when I started and called over to get the kids home, and boom, its 11:44 and we're backing out of the on earth did it all take me 14 minutes!??! It didn't feel like 14 minutes!

The meeting place was McDonalds....oh what a bad choice!!! I'll be picking a different place next time! The endless pleas to have lunch at McD's were so whiny and borderline abusive!! (to my ears) and he just didn't get it. Sam was fine once she picked macaroni for lunch. Once the swap was made (I got my achievement for making Presidents Club...a Mrs Albee figurine) we were on our way home. And once the macaroni was in front of him, he forgot all about the nuggets he was begging for! Even ate his ham and cucumber first!

After lunch it was all I could do to keep them from going next door with K's presents....every time they saw Mr or C on the back deck they were calling out to them asking. Finally about 3 the go ahead was given...come to find out, K wasn't even home, so my two were happily playing with C. Allowed me to grab a quick nap! Which wasn't nearly long enough as I knew what I wanted to accomplish before dinner. So at 3:30 I got up and got started on dinner. We were having another early one as Howie had to be at church for 6 for a Sound 101 class to help out with running the sound during services. 

Since dinner was done so early, I let the kids play for a bit before starting baths. Starting at 6:30 sure makes a difference in getting them done by 8! In fact, we were watching tv (I was clipping their nails) when Howie got home and he helped read and tuck them in. Whew! He had a conference call at 9, so it was nice and quiet for that. Jake was approached by a company that gathers information and distributes it to colleges everywhere so he can pursue college football AND get a good education. This service makes sure any college he's interested in knows about him, and keeps tabs on who's looking at him online. It was over an hour long this call! It all sounds good tho!

After that tho Howie went to bed and I settled in to watch AI results....I'd hit pause and was anxious to see who was going home. No surprise tho really!!! Buh bye Paul!  And yes Fifi, I do NOT like heavy metal!! I can't understand a word of it! And I even had the words on the screen to help me out. Then there was nothing else on tv...what in the world!?!?!? No new Grey's or PP and won't be for another 2 weeks or more! urgh!! And it was too cold to knit, so I had a cup of tea instead....brrrrrrrrrrrr!!

Til next time...God bless!

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