Thursday, March 31, 2011

It was a dark and rainy... gloomy that the kids slept in til almost room was still so dark that I thought it was only 5 or so. These kinds of days are good for one thing...naps! But my two wouldn't go for that!!!

They did however take their sweet time getting dressed today. Sam was first around 11 or so, and DJ wasn't til about 1...must be nice to be in pj's for half the day! Since we had no plans til later in the afternoon, no sense making them. We enjoyed snuggling on the couch, all three of works best if Sam is up by my head, and DJ down by my feet...and there's no fighting that way. Only problem is Sam's hair is wild and continuously finds my nose! Dang that tickles!

After lunch I got a text to meet up with a couple clients at Ben's place...just a darn shame I didn't need to see we met in the lobby of the store, chatted and swapped stuff. She gave me a book to read called A Voice in the Wind by Francine Rivers...looks interesting...and it's part of a trilogy. Right I'm caught up in a Janet Evanovich book...easy read! The Nicholas Sparks books are awesome, but the last one I read, The Lucky One was kinda slow for me...and starting to run together with his previous ones. I did read tho that they're making Lucky One into a movie right now! So that's kinda kool!

After the craft store we stopped by the bank, where the kids got a sucker each, and then headed for me to get an oil change. I'd found a coupon for a local automotive place here in Monroe, and since we have no real loyalty to anyone specific, it'd be great to find someone local. So off we went in search of them. Found them pretty easily and they took me right away. Their waiting room is in the main office, and the whole thing was the size of the kids' bathroom...yikes! I offered to let the kids stay in the truck to watch their movie, but they wanted to be with me. Good thing too since we made 3 trips to the bathroom (DJ-1, Sam-2) and that would have been difficult with them hoisted in the air.

They were done within an hour, and informed of my bad brakes....fronts were fine, but the back ones are starting to grind, and I knew that. Might make it to summer with the existing ones, we'll see. Also the battery is original and its showing signs of age, so it needs to be replaced too!. Lovely! Got told that with the Jetta too...rains, it pours! But they are kind of necessary to life. I did get a deal on the oil change tho as the one doing the oil change didn't inform the one charging me that I had a 7 qt need, not the standard 5 they  made me promise I'd bring it in when we're ready to do the brakes. lol I can live with that.

We got home and I got started on dishes, and getting dinner started. Since the kids do SOOOO well with the buckwheat pancakes, I did those for dinner. With cut up honeydew, strawberries and bananas....a feast! Nothing was leftover! And we were done in record time too!! Shocked the heck outta me! While the kids were getting shoes on, I went and got in my uniform and we left. I was taking Sam with me since Howie is doing graveyard right now and needed to sleep while we were gone. It worked out well tho, since she's now 3 she was able to tag along in DJ's class.

I got awarded certification tonite as a Awana leader...I took the test last week, so I got to be in opening ceremonies for the first time ever. Strange my own children didn't see me, but I was watching them....they were too busy watching everyone else....DJ with his hand down his pants no less! Then as they were heading to their gym time, I saw DJ holding her by the hand taking her with him, til she fell, then she was on her own...nice big brother. She bounced right back up and ran off after him tho. I also got peek in on them twice throughout the nite and she was doing good!  She was very excited to see me and show me her whistle!! DJ picked a spinning top from the treasure chest.

On the way home we talked about the roads we were travelling...DJ knows how to get to our house from church, so now I'm teaching him the actual road names. Well to my surprise, Miss Samantha has been paying attention too...and was naming things off for me! I'm teaching him land mark driving, and so on the one road, Hand Rd, there's Pegasus Ranch, she knew that without any prompting!! Smart cookie!! I love it!

We got home and tried to be as quiet as possible so we didn't wake Howie, but when DJ went into his room to get his pj's he got "surprised" by Howie being in there waiting for him. That was funny!! So he helped me get the kids in bed, and then watched AI with me. We missed the first 4 singers, Scotty, Paul, Pia, and Naima....would have liked to have seen Scotty. My votes for bottom 3 are, Thia, Paul and Casey...with Haley as an alternate. Makeovers be damned, its the voice that matters. *sigh*

Howie left for work and I watched Survivor and Off the Map....which totally had me holding my breath!! What a great show...I think I'm earning my tv-md, I diagnosed the one patient before the doc yeah, I know. I'm that good! ha!

Now I'm singing a song I made up:
I've got the whole bed, to myself
I've got the whole wide bed, to myself
I've got the whole bed, to myself,
and I'm gonna stretch out everywhere!!!!!

Til next time...God bless!

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