Friday, April 22, 2011

The +'s and -'s of a new fridge

Really that should read "new to me" fridge....

Last nite while DJ and I were at Awana, Howie and SamSam cleaned the back of our new fridge getting it ready for use. So my task today was to clean the inside of it. Sounds easy right?

So, I spent the morning with the kids, did the dishes, DJ wanted to do some laundry, so we did that and wiping down the inside of the fridge with strong bleach water....I also said no to two "starving" children...even Sam came up to me and said "My tummy is rumbling its SO hungry" I kid you not! The girl is theatrical! Then I let them get on Starfall and they were actually quiet for a while...well aside from them repeating whatever letter they'd clicked on.

As soon as lunch was done, they took off for next door to see if they could play with the boys...I watched them go in, and then got busy with the fridge. When I'd gone down earlier it was closed, so when I opened it to bleach it, oh it stunk terrible!!! Good thing that bleach was strong! WHEW!!! I'd also had the brainstorm to take all the shelves and drawers out of the fridge and bring them upstairs to wash. That was a chore...I typically am not good around "loose" glass like that. Washing them was no easy chore and I'm very grateful to my neighbour for playing Peter Pan and entertaining my kids.

I'd just finished 10 minutes prior to Howie coming home when a serious brainstorm hit....wish it had hit two hours earlier...I should have washed everything in the BATHTUB as I would have had more room to turn things around and not made a mess on my floor and counters. Ay yi yi! In any case, it was done! Dried and waiting for the new fridge. So while Howie was downstairs prepping the new one to be brought up, I had the task of emptying this one out. No small task either!! The bigger the fridge, the more it holds! Granted this one wasn't holding much as I'd put things downstairs so as not to spoil.

At 5 I'd called over to see if Mike could help Howie do the fridge swap, and at 5:20 he (Mike) decided to give the kids cake!! CAKE!!!!!! I about came undone!! lol They all thought it was great of him...but he didn't look at a clock I'm guessing. So he came over, they swapped fridges and I got busy putting everything in the new fridge while thinking along the lines of dinner. Instantly we could feel the coolness of the fridge on the fridge side!!!! Something we'd been lacking for a while now. I even made jello and pudding as a celebration...knowing they'd get cold! Fast! It worked like a charm too! The pudding was gobbled by children after dinner and I thoroughly enjoyed a bowl of jello about 4 hours after I made it instead of 8-10! Such a treat!

With all the activity this aft, dinner was a bit late, which ran into bath we divided and conquered the cleanliness...worked well! Both kids were clean and pajammed by 8:10! While Howie read to them and tucked them in, I went and had a shower myself. Then I got comfy and watched Idol results with Howie. First off...this group of singers can not really sing together well! Lauren however can harmonize with just about anyone! The boys that sang together were terrible!!! Way to ruin a song! David Cook was awesome! Didn't care for his facial thing he had going on, because he's still young....LOVED how his mom stole the spotlight for a hug from Steven! Cracked me up! Katy Perry, while I love her, I did NOT love that song...or the outfit! As for Stefano getting voted off...I would have rather it be Jacob...but I think we can all agree that neither of them are superstars. Howie said earlier he predicts his final two being Lauren and James with James winning...I can agree with that.

Since there was nothing else (literally) on tv tonite, I watched a movie I'd dvr'd...Forgetting Sarah Marshall...quite funny! Had me laughing out loud to an empty room a couple times...scared the cat on my lap too! Tho not near as much as the ice maker doing its thing...scared me too! Not used to that sound. I go the body done on the sweater...and picked up all the stitches for the collar...nice to be done with the body, it was getting heavy.

Til next time...God bless!

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