Thursday, April 21, 2011

No, its not Rango, its Rio!!!

This morning dawned way too early....DJ was up at 6:17 and asking if it was time to go to the movies...and there was no getting him back to sleep. Alt least he let Sam sleep til almost 8, no sense having two afternoon zombies!

After breakfast they both got dressed and I made us a lunch and got ready to go. That time continuum thing happened again and boom it was 10:15 when I wanted to leave at 10. That just meant I didn't get to stop at the school first on the way out of town, and instead we went to get gas so that we could get to the theater. We were meeting my g/f Andie and her daughter Malorie for the movie...she's a teacher and on Spring Break, so we planned a movie date. DJ chose the very back row in the place, so we joined him and waited for the movie to start. The kids thoroughly enjoyed their popcorn...LOVE that they love it since Howie hates it!

About half way thru Sam needed to pee, so off we went, DJ said he needed too as well, but when we got to the bathroom (ON THE SECOND FLOOR!!) he said he tricked me and didn't have to go. And I had made them both go when we got there, so he played his game. We got back and within 5 minutes Sam said she needed to poop, but really it was just toots, so she ignored them and went on dancing to the music...which was really good in the movie! Of course, it takes place in Rio during the music was dance-y.

Once the movie was done we headed out, DJ took off in one direction, and Sam and I in the other, but they meet at the doors to go out. Well, he wasn't I head out and check the arcade that's right next door, and he wasn't there, so I go back in the theater and start calling for him, no answer and I don't see him. I come back out to where Andie and the girls are, and no DJ. I leave my purse and coats and go back in the theater and do a complete walk thru thinking he's hiding on me. When I don't find him the panic starts setting in and I'm trying to remember what he's shirt was all I could remember. I come out of the theater and look to my left and there he is bouncing down the stairs from the bathroom with a grin on his face. I tell him to "Get over here NOW!!!" and he dropped his smile and came right away! He started apologizing and trying to hug me, but I was furious and let him know what he did was SO wrong! Unreal!

From there we went to Costco to do the shopping since we were SO close to it and that meant I didn't have to make dinner...and I was trying to keep DJ awake. They had a mini lunch in there with all the samples, after eating popcorn, cheese stick, gold fish, and a cheese bagel...they don't fill up!! Got the shopping done and outta there and on our way home....DJ fell asleep pretty quickly, but Sam stayed awake. Since we had the car and no dvd system, they asked for the radio on, and they wanted it loud (not sure if it was to drown out my singing or their own) and so Sam was singing along while he slept away. Made the stop at the school and dropped off auction items, and tried to get gift cards but none were available, so we went and got a full tank of gas instead. Then we headed for home!!! I woke DJ on the way by opening his window on him. We passed the neighbours on a bike ride, but they were immobile when we drove by, so I turned around to see if all was well, and she'd just put the chain back on the bike, so we headed home.

Thanks to the chicken dinner was simple and ready to eat practically. And DJ gobbled his up!!! He was the first one done and getting ready for Awana before I was done eating. That's a first! We were on our way in record time practicing his verse for the nite. His memory is so sharp! It's so awesome to see that. We got there and off he went to his class and I to my table to check kids in. Tonite was a special nite in that we had a guest speaker for I had to rush thru some of my ending duties so I could be in there too. DJ didn't do so hot on the listening part, but I noticed he wasn't the only fidgety kid in his that gives me hope! 

After Awana we came straight home and he got into pj's...we'd chatted on the way home and done his prayers to save on time getting him into bed. And he'd bargained with me for a yogurt when he got his pj's on....I agreed. Then when it came time to eat it he asked if he could have a I made him choose between the yogurt and a book...he chose book. And was out pretty quick! I finished watching AI with Howie, who'd missed recording the very first singer, Scotty, who from the recap didn't sing a song I cared for, and his tilted microphone is getting old...straighten it up! Lauren rocked it!!! Stefano took it up a notch too! Casey made me wanna vomit...and I haven't seen the rest. Hard to say who the bottom 3 are and who'll be sent home. It needs to be a guy tho to even things up a bit! I'll guess Casey...

Then I watched Survivor with my neighbour....nice to have a fellow fan and we can chat about things. The jury has started and things get interesting! Philip needs to be institutionalized!!! He's freakin CRAZY!!!!! His jumping to a racial fight was ridiculous! And uncalled for! Honestly!

Cougar Town was great as usual...and Modern Family was VERY comical! Breaking In was funny too....I really do like Christian Slater! Happy Endings is still kinda weird and new....I'll reserve judgement!

Til next time...God bless!

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