Thursday, April 14, 2011

I love his enthusiasm!!

This morning I vaguely recall DJ being tucked in by Howie before he had his shower...and then the next thing I know, he was waking up shortly after 7 for the day! Sam wasn't too far behind him either...she had me wipin her up just about 7:30. Before I got out of bed, I heard the knock at the door...and DJ's excited voice at seeing Caleb on the other side. In his pj's no less! lol So he watched us eat breakfast and then DJ went and got dressed. Sam was comfy in her Tinker sleeper and chose not to dress.

Soon after we were done eating, there was another knock, and it was Kristopher coming over to the 4 of them had fun! Then it got quiet..K and C went home, and DJ wanted to follow, but they were going to ask if DJ could come over, and since they didn't come back, that obviously was the answer. I tried consoling DJ with the fact that we were heading into town for a trip to Ben Franklin to meet up with my g/f Denise for her Avon. He was only placated when it was decided what snack he could bring...and the growth spurt lives on.

We left shortly after 11 and got there before Denise did...when Sam said she needed to poop, we headed in! Denise was just arriving, and so she waited in the store for us. DJ wandered the store like it was his own play room, looking at all the crafts and what not. I was in the rhinestone section (yes, there's a section for it!) when he came to me and said "Mum, you gotta see this!!!!" and proceeded to lead me and Sam to the wooden bird feeder section. You see, I'd bought him one on clearance months ago...and he had only painted the top of it with Daddy's help. And since he'd now seen them in the store, he felt SamSam needed one of her own to paint. So I picked one out for her and she thanked me profusely! So sweet!!  There was one on the shelf all decorated with buttons, and I thought that was a cute idea...then as we're walking by a clearance place, there's a wash bin full of buttons! So they each picked out 8 buttons and were very happy!

I was also very happy...I'd found THE perfect crafting storage thing for in the pantry where I have my crafty stuff...and it was on sale!!! SOLD! We then checked out as I was starting to get hungry! We made one go thru the bank and then headed for home. After lunch I put my craft station was that easy!! And then started dinner before letting the kids paint. Of course they were that anxious!!! I set them up at the end of the table, put newspaper down, gave Sam an "I don't care if you ruin it" shirt and off they went! GOBS of paint went on each house!!! I just checked them and they're still wet!! Won't be doing the additional decor til next week I  presume!

They were hungry after all that painting, and so they each had a snack and we went to watch Dora together. DJ laid on the couch with me and after shushing him a million times, he fell asleep...and Sam was snoring away in my I dozed til Howie got home from work. Then woke both of them up and got busy with dinner. Tonite we had Texas longhorn beef in our spaghetti definitely was different. Not a bad different, but even the texture was different. And it was way leaner than the lean ground beef I buy.

DJ and I left after dinner for Awana and he recited his verse 7 times for me before we got there just so he had the Mark 15:16 part down pat. Hard to believe we've only got 3 more weeks left! WOW!!! Hardly seems right! But that'll be 30 weeks of Awana. I finally know ALL my kids by sight and now we're gonna add/lose some for next year! Should be fun!

On the way home we stopped to get K a birthday present since its tomorrow, and DJ's been super excited to get him something specific...even knew EXACTLY where it was in the store!!! Told the cashier who he was buying it for and was cute! Then we stopped in Freddy's to get more salads and cukes and bananas...and DJ a cookie of course! Then he ate a banana on the way home, should have bought more!

Once he was in bed I sat down with Howie to watch tv...he was flipping between Idol and I honestly have no opinion on who's who for Idol this week! From what I saw in the recap, Paul, Casey and Haley...with James as an alternate...didn't really care for his tonite! Apparently they're changing the voting thing too....America can decide who the bottom 3 are, but the judges have the final say in who gets voted off. The whole Pia thing last week shook everyone up...*rolls eyes* She wasn't that good....

Howie went to bed and I watched stuff in dvr...Survivor threw me for a bit with the double elimination....Will definitely make Redemption Island duel interesting!! The challenge of hanging upside down was not something I could do...that looked painful!!!! I'd have chosen hamburgers over that challenge any day! Philip is just INSANE!!!!!! If he's married, I feel for his wife!! The man does not know how to shut up!!! According to Jeff, we have to wait til the reunion show to know if he's really an ex-agent.

Til next time...God bless!

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  1. My friend Missy is obviously not a metal fan lol I thought James was fantastic. Agree with you about the others in bottom three tho.


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