Tuesday, April 26, 2011

I really don't like having a sick child!!

This morning around 1 DJ woke up to tell me he couldn't sleep...yet when I laid down with him, he was out cold in 5 seconds, if not less! And I noticed his fever was gone...YAY!!!!! Then he was up again after 5 but crawled in bed with me and slept til 6:30...what is it with waking up so early lately!?!?! Sam was up at 7:30 with the first pee-on-the-floor of the day...what a child!

Breakfast wasn't early, they weren't hungry when I got up, but by 9 I made them sit and eat with me...Sam gobbled hers up and even had a half banana after the fact! DJ ate all the strawberries out of his bowl and about half the cereal. And then two hours later he was hungry again, so he had a cheese stick and the other half of the banana, and Sam ate an entire apple!

I didn't think they'd be hungry for lunch at noon, so I took my time getting lunch ready. I got a call from next door saying she had the movie Yogi Bear and if we wanted to watch it and then return it when we went into town that would be awesome. So I popped it in! Surprisingly, they didn't go ga-ga over it like I thought they would. Took a good while for them to get into it and pay attention.

As soon as it was done tho, we were outta here!! I had the book run to do, and I needed to go to Lowes for Howie's chainsaw chain he needed. While there I saw their 50% off gardening pallet and picked up two raspberry bushes, asparagus starts, and a bucket that has strawberries, onions, garlic and potatoes to grow. Quite pleased with myself I am!! Just need some serious sunshine to get in the garden and get it ready!  After that we headed for home and we were just minutes behind Howie arriving home. DJ was almost a mess when he saw Howie, crying and whatnot...sure enough, the fever was back. Poor guy!!! He and I lay on the couch and we both fell asleep for a good 45 mins or so. When I woke up, Howie was taking care of dinner business!  Burgers were on, broccoli was steaming, and peas were waiting to be heated! AND he was loading the dishwasher!! How awesome!!!

DJ on the other hand wasn't doing so hot, and didn't want to sit with us and have dinner...he wanted some toast when we were done tho, so I made him an english muffin and helped him eat half of it. Howie helped him with the other half while Sam and I put clothes away and got her ready for bed. While I was brushing her teeth, Howie read to DJ and got him tucked in....once I was done tucking Sam in, I went in to him expecting him to be asleep, but he wasn't, so we chatted and said prayers before I left the room.

Howie was watching hockey (what else is there at this time of year!?) so I waited patiently for him to switch to DWTS...instead, he went to bed!! Guess this weekend's work wore him out! So I put on DWTS and enjoyed it! Sadly, since we're getting down to the nitty gritty, I think either Chris or Ralph will get the boot this week. Kirstie still has a lot of voters...and Kendra shook it like nobody's business, so I'm sure she got the booby vote! Chelsea, Romeo and Hines rocked it!! They'll be the final 3...hard to say who's gonna take the mirror ball home tho! Since there was nothing else on, and I was knitting the final sleeve on my sweater, I put on the movie I recorded, Beyond the Blackboard from the Hallmark channel from Sunday. What a fabulous movie! I love 'based on real life' movies and this was just great!! Highly recommend it...just keep a hanky or two handy!

The sweater is DONE!!!!! I still have to finish my ends and block it, but I tried it on tonite and it fits, if not a bit big...and I just love the colour!!! YAY me!!! I figured out, I think I spent 42 hours total knitting it up....lotta hours!!! I'd better wear it too!!!!

Til next time...God bless!

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  1. awe, hope he feels better soon!!
    (and congrats on finishing the sweater, that's fantastic!)


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