Thursday, April 28, 2011

The road to recovery

This morning the kids slept til after 8...pure heaven!!!!! Especially after the 6 am starts for almost a week now. I have no idea what time DJ joined me on Howie's side, or what time SamSam climbed in as she was at my back, but it was after 8 when they got up!! LOVE it!!!!

As we were laying there talking about today, I checked DJ's eyes and there was nothing crusty!! YAY!!!!! The meds are working fast!! And he was blowing a lot of junk from his nose, such a good thing!!! His spirits were back to normal and I had a happy boy again. After breakfast I got busy bathing them...and since it was a morning bath, they played a little extra long...not to pruny stage, but to the "ok now you're splashing too much" stage.

Then the three of us snuggled on the couch...the weather wasn't fit for playing, it was off and on raining and quite chilly out really. I had Sam up on my arm, and DJ down by my feet...kept me toasty warm! Then they started getting hungry again, so off I went to make lunches. Once we were done eating I got the dishwasher loaded up ready to go and DJ asked if he could colour a picture for his teachers at he got the crayons and I got the colouring book. The first picture he did awful...just black scribbles all over the page...totally making the picture unrecognizable. So I got another one out for him and showed him how to colour inside the lines...then I set both kids up and went to take a shower. While I was in the shower he came yelling thru the cat door that he was done, and put the picture thru...sure enough, he'd done a FABULOUS job colouring inside the lines!!!! He actually listened to me! Will wonders never cease!!!

When I got out and dressed he asked for another one and I gave it to him, started it off for him and let him have it...he did the scribble thing again. Meanwhile, SpongeySamSam was learning too, and doing a great job for a 3 year old in colouring inside the lines!!! Impressed me! Now we have to find colouring contests for them to enter! Howie came home and said all the proud dad things the kids wanted to hear about their pictures and then watched hockey. I got dinner going...since it was an Awana nite I did pancakes and eggs. I got a different buckwheat mix this time and I think I like it better. These were good!! I could only eat 1 and a half this time tho, SO filling!! And DJ only ate one!

We took off for Awana and rehearsed verses on the way...he's got ONE more verse next week and the WHOLE book will be done!!!! I'm so proud of him!! He doesn't know it yet, but there's  party for the book finishers on the 14th and I'm sure he'll have a blast! I was kept very busy with kids and extra awards to hand out for the perfect attendance peeps...and I was trying to have a VBS chat with the two ladies I'll be helping in the 3rd grade class in August....I'm sure we'll have a blast!!!!

On the way home DJ and I had to stop and get some oil for Howie's chainsaw and then also hit up the dollar store to get the rest of the groceries. DJ also talked me into getting him and Sam a new shovel and rake each. He carried them all thru the store! He also bumped into one of the kids from his Awana class which was kinda cool for him. This time next year we'll know even more people with the addition of football and school. We finally got home about quarter to nine and then into jammies he went. The doctor yesterday drilled it into his head to wash his hands more often, and I used that to ensure that when we're out and about, and get home, the first thing he's to do is wash his hands. And he did!! He's not enjoyed being sick like this and knowing the cause of it. It sunk in! I will say tho, he's pretty amazing in terms of taking the meds! He likes the amoxicilin, its berry flavoured, and the eye drops he tolerates but still fusses beforehand.

Once he was in bed I sat down to watch the last of AI with Howie...not a huge Carole King fan, so I don't know most of the music, but enjoyed the duets! As for who's going home...Howie didn't really have an opinion...but I'm ready for Jacob or Casey to go bye-bye!!! We'll see.

Survivor was great at usual....Matt is such a trooper!! I was sure with his attitude he'd be going home, but nope, he won! And then the double tribal AT tribal...insane!!! And now all of Zapaterra is done! And there's 4 of them at RI....what the heck!!! Next week should be interesting. I will say, they should have voted Rob off...not sure what their logic is in keeping him around....don't they see themselves as pawns in HIS game!?!?

Til next time...God bless!

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