Friday, April 8, 2011

I now know where my children get their awful behaviour


This morning was just awful for me!! I truly hate PMS with a passion!!! I apologized to my children far too much today! And all because I had bad behaviour!! If it had been a Saturday, I'd have stayed in bed all day just to avoid myself! In fact, if  I'd met me for the first time today, I wouldn't wanna be friends with me! It was THAT bad!! Because I knew I was having a bad day, the kids could do no wrong...I really tried to let them just be and if they didn't want to be around me, that was fine. They did tho! They really do love me!! About 11:30 I laid on the couch with DJ, and we snuggled, and I apologized AGAIN, and he said "that's ok Mum, I love you" and I was almost in tears...stupid hormones! God help me when Samantha's hormones find her!!!

We watched Umizoomi of the morning shows I've never seen...well I'll be darned, they were talking about shapes and included an octagon...and DJ knew it has 8 sides...pretty darn impressive! I'll have to ask him the next time he sees a stop sign what shape it is and see if he really picked up on it.

During lunch, we're still on a "cheese sandwich" bagel kick here...I don't mind a bit (and they eat it pretty quickly!!) there was a knock on the door...K was outside wanting to play, I've never seen DJ finish his green beans so quickly!! I told him we were going shopping and that I'd call over to let them know. Lara said they were going to be home, so no worries on him staying behind. SamSam and I took off about 2 and headed for costco. Not even half way there and she was sound asleep in her when I got to costco, I let her be for about 40 mins so she wouldn't wake up grumpy, but at the same time she'd go to sleep fine for me tonite.

My plan worked beautifully and we were in and out of costco in 20 minutes! AND I spent less than 100.00....unheard of!!!!! Lickety split! As I was heading out of the driveway of costco, I called Howie to see where he was on his commute home. He'd just passed costco...and since I knew the way he went home, I went my usual way and caught up to him at the light by Albertsons...if only it was green for me!! I'd have been him home!! As it was, he was just unloading when we pulled in! He got Sam out and then helped with the groceries.

Sam wanted to go next door with the boys, so I made her pee first and then head out...she got distracted by the swing and was happy swinging herself instead. Sure reminds me of me...I love a good swing! Now, it makes me nauseous! Go figure! The boys must have seen her and then knew we were home, and all 4 of them came in to play downstairs. And to tidy up since they haven't done that all week! DJ asked if K could spend the nite and we both boys went home for their supper while we ate ours. K must have shovelled his food in cuz he was back over here before any of us were done!

After dinner I bathed the kids...and while DJ was in the tub, we heard the front door close....come to find out, K went home as his tummy hurt and he wanted his mama...good thing we ARE so close! DJ was upset by this turn of events, but it gave me lots of opportunity to explain that when he leaves K's house after being invited over, it probably upset K too. He did calm down and they both bed to bed quickly!

AI was beautifully shocking!!!!  I believe I called Pia as an alternate for the bottom 3!! And the judges reactions were telling...they'd already used their save and couldn't help her!! They do realize that there can only be ONE winner right? And this elimination thing is going to happen every week....just sayin. Then there was nothing else on tv....Grey's and PP were both re-runs! boo! The Mentalist was new and good....I liked the killer's haircut....but my face is not small enough to pull off a pixie cut! lol Then I watched The Nanny while knitting away on the baby blanket...on the 3rd skein now so it's coming along.

Til next time...God bless!

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