Monday, April 25, 2011

The Easter Bunny CAME!!!!!

Were the words I woke up to this morning!! The kids were SO excited!!! I hadn't prepped them last nite in hopes that they would sleep in til normal...but they were up at 6 and ready to go!! They let me sleep til 8:30 before barging in on me! SO cute! Then they brought me their pails full of stuff and showed me everything in it! Cuz, y'know, I didn't have anything to do with it!! lol

They'd already found all the eggs, and moved them around, so when I gave the go ahead, they went looking for them all. DJ even told me how the bunny hopped up on things to put one on top of the speaker...such a crazy tale that was! Of course they wanted to eat something NOW, but since they hadn't had breakfast yet, I said no.

So I got us all breakfast and we ate together. We weren't going to church with DJ being sick...his eyes were SOOOOOOO crusty gross too! Howie tried cleaning them, but you'd think we were beating him the way he carries on! I had my turn at it after breakfast and finally had to just use my nails and slide it off...blech!! All day too they kept the weeping up. And he's stuffed up big time! The fever still hasn't gone over 100 and he is letting us medicate it finally. Discovered how tasty that ibuprofen is!

After breakfast Howie went out to work on the wasn't pouring down rain, but it was called for. I went out to help him too while the kids stayed in watching a movie. About 40 minutes in I couldn't do anymore...every time I bent over I'd get that stars thing in my eyes, and I was feeling a little "off" too. So I headed in and laid on the couch for a while. We watched the two Easter VeggieTales movies while snuggling on the couch. Howie came in about 1 completely he went to take a shower...then he was off to look for new work shoes as the ones he's got are toast. I made me and kids' lunch (they had the leftover teryaki) and we ate.

When Howie got home the sun was back out weakly, but at least it wasn't he went back out to keep working on the branches. I got busy with laundry, dishes and making a nice ham dinner. Nothing fancy, ham, cauli and was VERY tasty tho!! I will say that! And the house still smells good! After dinner I worked on DJ's Awana with him...he's got two verses this week, so we read both stories and started learning the verses. Then, since he didn't have a bath yesterday, I gave him one today. Sam didn't like being left out, so she asked for one after him and considering how many times she peed her pants today, I gave in! 

Once they were both in bed, I hopped in the shower too! I got Howie's lunch ready, breakfasts ready, coffee ready, put the ham away while drooling about the soup I'm gonna make this week! and then finally sat down to watch tv and knit! I'm SO incredibly bummed the cowboys are out of Amazing Race!! I'd been rooting for them since I found out they were in this race again! :( What a bummer!  Then I watched Desperate Housewives (I can hear my dad rolling his eyes, yes, I said hear! The man can't just roll his eyes without letting you know WHY he's rolling them!) and Brothers & Sisters which was equally good!! You can tell summer programming is on its way with the way story lines are getting bigger.

I got one sleeve done tonite too! It looks good...kind of a weird pattern to it too, and it took longer than I thought it would! One more nite for the other sleeve, and then the finishing work!

Til next time...God bless!

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