Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Racing against the clock!

Last nite it was decided that I was going to take DJ to the doctor today, so five minutes after they opened I called to see if our dr was in today (she has an odd schedule) and if she was, if we could get in with her.  She was in and they only had a 10, or 10:15 appointment...and it was already 9:11...I took the 10:15 and started racing the clock.

I got the kids dressed, myself taken care of, and breakfast, snack and sippy cups ready...and we were out the door and on the road by 9:30!! That's gotta be a record of late! We got to the appointment with ONE minute to spare...take that clock! The kids enjoyed their South Beach breakfast bars...they both chose chocolate. So, I now have an easy breakfast on the way to school solution! Works for me!

When I checked in with the receptionist, I realized I didn't have our new health card in my wallet...NOT a good thing! So I'm to fax it in to them and then they'll bill insurance...and me the co-pay. It was then that the kids decided they needed to go to the bathroom...and then DJ changed his mind when he got in there...Sam on the other hand did have to and also did a while she's busy, I hear them call DJ's name...I pop my head out and tell her we're here and to hang on a second. She did and we followed her back. DJ hopped on the scale and weighs 46lbs....then she did his height and he's 45 inches!! DANG!!!! That's 3 inches from 4 feet tall!!! That's crazy!!! He's not even five yet! He'll be towering over me at 10! Yikes!!!!

I have to give props to DJ for being SUCH a good patient...we'd talked about it on the way there, and how he was to let the doctor know whatever was hurting/bothering him. He was hopeful for Yeah, no x-rays today buddy! Instead she took his temp, no fever, and then looked in his eyes, ears and mouth. Listened to his belly, and his back, then checked his belly and pronounced he had conjunctivitis and a double ear infection! What a trooper my kid is! He didn't complain once about his ears hurting other than yesterday he said one of them popped when he opened his mouth....which happens to me on a daily basis so I didn't think anything of it. She called in two Rx's for him and we were on our way.

Since I didn't have the health card with me, I had to go home and get it before getting his we did that and then stopped by Papa Murphy's for pizza pick up and then Little Caesars for more pizza. Then we went to the school and dropped the books and extra pizzas off. Then we went to Freddy's to pick up his meds and get a few things we need...namely salad. Stupid me left the health card in the truck and didn't realize it til it was our turn at the counter....urgh!!!! Waste of a half hour! Or more since when I got back there was 5 more people in line ahead of me.

We get out of there and finally head towards home...I still needed to drop off the pizzas before going home. As I was on the way I was SO freakin hungry it was sickening....hate when I'm that hungry that I wanna throw I grabbed a piece of the pineapple/ham pizza the kids have been munching on for their lunch and ate it. It wasn't that good, but it did do the trick! When we got home and I got the kids squared away I made my salad lunch and thoroughly enjoyed it!

Since DJ was still not up to par, I wouldn't let him go outside and play, but when Sam asked if she could I said yes...the sun was shining and the boys next door were out. I put on Power Rangers for DJ and we snuggled on the couch. I'd given him a dose of the antibiotic in the parking lot at Freddy's and when we got home I gave him his eye drops. He fought a bit til he realized it didn't hurt....and when Howie was home he showed him how brave he was and did it without ANY fuss!! What a kid!!

I had a conference call this evening before dinner and because of it we were a bit late eating....which gave Howie time to work on elevating the boat so all the water could run off and even gave the kids a chance to get some fresh air...DJ included. After dinner was some wrasslin to get the last of DJ's energy out...worked like a charm too! He was asleep before I could tuck him in! Here's hoping he sleeps right thru til 8 am!!  Please God!

My evening was FULL of music once Howie said I could change it from hockey...that and the dvr insisted we change the channel at 9 anyways. Now, if you know anything about me, its that I'm a HUGE Blake Shelton fan...and ever since January when he announced he was going to be on The Voice I've been waiting patiently for it to come on tv. Tonite it finally did!!!! The main concept is that 4 talented artists (Blake, Christina Aguilera, CeeLo Green and Adam Levine) listen blindly to singers auditioning  for them to be a part of their vocal team and get coaching from the singers. So its purely based on talent rather than looks!! Both Howie and I got chills several times from the singers!!! It was awesome!! I love the concept! Then I watched Glee which was 90 minutes long instead of the usual 60...such wonderful news!! I enjoyed it too!

I started a new knitting project...a skirt with cabling for SamSam...but the cabling isn't regulation cabling, there's no cable needle involved...but it sure looks pretty! I got most of the pattern done on the first panel....REALLY tough casting on 224 stitches!!! As usual I'm posting pix of progress on fb in the album titled Yarn Porn....which if you're a knitter/crocheter you'll get a chuckle out of it! :)

Til next time...God bless!

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