Wednesday, April 20, 2011

I love the way they

Make each other laugh uncontrollably....and they're not even really being funny!!!

If there is one thing about the bond my children have that I can't really would be DJ's ability to make Samantha hysterically laugh by making a sound, a face, or saying one word....she is literally rolling on the floor in laughter!! Ever since she was a baby he could do this!! Truly a remarkable phenomenon. I just love watching it play out, and of course, can't help but laugh along!

This morning after breakfast it was Avon Go time...probably my smallest order yet this year! It happens, but I'm still thankful for the new contacts I made this past weekend! And I may have an "in" with a bride that's a customer of mine...she wants everyone to have the same make-up! SWEET!!!!

As soon as I hit enter we got ready to head out to do the pizza and book runs...I grabbed a cheese stick for all of us and off we went. We didn't get back home til just about 1:45 as I got hung up chatting with another gleaner at the shed...and I wanted to see what books were in from yesterday's delivery...found two! Score for me! 

When we got home I could smell immediately that the neighbours had done a lawn treatment...which meant the kids couldn't play outside in the sunshine...and we also couldn't get DJ's bike from the back yard instead of the bike ride he was begging for, we went to the park and swung away. We brought K and C with us and the four of them had fun. I have to say, it's tough pushing two on the swings when they're spaced so far apart! Good work out tho!!  Howie found us on his way home, and took DJ and Sam with him in the car...I walked back with K and C and then my two came flying down the road to be with the boys. They all went inside to play and I came in to continue with the laundry. I must pat myself on the back....I got four loads washed, four loads dried and three loads folded!!! Pretty darn good! And I found my earbuds that I left in a the dryer!!! They still work tho, so that's awesome...just took some doing to untangle them! Much easier than yarn!!

About 5:15 I headed into town for an Avon meeting...I went to Albertsons first as I thought the kids' cereal was on sale for 1.50 a box...boy was I wrong! lol I did get the other stuff on my list tho, so that was good. I got to the pizza place early and ordered my salad dinner...and booked DJ's birthday party for their party room next to the arcade. He's so excited for it! I am too now that its booked. The meeting was good...all about skin care and a good refresher for was this time last year that I got hooked on the Anew products from this exact kind of seminar! It was also good to hear others ideas and input.

I got home and fully expected kids to be awake, but Howie had one of "those" kinds of nites and they went to bed on time. Can't say as I blame him...I've had those nites! I sat down to watch tv with him and he went to bed lol....I think he knew Glee was being recorded! But before I could get comfy I did up his lunch and coffee....THEN I hit play! It was an "okay" Glee for me...too much diva drama...but I do enjoy listening to Gwyneth sing! I'm among a small group according to complaints from others lol. I then did the fast forward thing with DWTS results...kinda surprised, but not really at the fact that Petra got the boot...really thought Kendra was done...I'm tired of lookin at her fakeness!  Parenthood tonite was a tear jerker!!! And now my pillow awaits...we have another busy day ahead of us!!

Til next time...God bless!

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