Saturday, April 23, 2011

Patience IS a virtue!!

Today started too early with Samantha YELLING for me from the toilet...not even 8 yet! But Howie was already outside and therefore I was the only one available for this task. Then they were hungry, so I got everyone breakfast ready and we ate together.

Today was tree cutting day...and Abe was here for 9 am as agreed upon...started unloading stuff and then realized he didn't have his safety harness for he took off for that. All this happened while I was out grocery shopping...thankfully it was still early enough on a Saturday that it wasn't busy at all! Then I headed home and found Howie mowing the lawn to pass the time.

I made us our lunches and ate mine since I needed to take off. I got outta here by 12:15 and was on the road for Lynnwood to deliver Avon. When I next talked to Howie a couple hours later, he called to tell me DJ was really burning up, they were felling the second tree...since there was another guy with Abe, he and Howie were busy collecting up the branches while they were being cut off. Makes less work in the end really!

I finally got done all my running around (remind me NOT to wear new shoes on delivery day!!!) and headed for home about 4:30...and since I didn't feel like cooking, I stopped for teryaki...and was VERY pleased they had brown rice as an option. And their brown rice is WAY better than what I've made here!! Even Howie agreed! It was on my way home on the nasty highway (they keep track of the days between deaths on the highway, nice eh?) that I was pleasantly following a car and we were both keeping good speed when we got joined (and almost cut off ) by a truck pulling an empty trailer. He instantly made us go from 60 to 45...not fun! Then, the dude I was originally following decided to pass the truck dude. I was telling him not to (he didn't hear me) as I could see ahead (we were on a bit of a curve) and that there wasn't time for him to get around before oncoming traffic (its a two lane highway) and it was nerve wracking!! Now, normally, if someone is passing me, I will slow down to make it happen faster...truck dude didn't touch his brakes once! I would have been a blubbering mess if I'd witnessed an accident like that! Head on collision, no thanks! Turns out, the very next half mile or less, the truck dude took the next left and was out of the way. Patience grasshopper!!

When I got home DJ was still fevered, but had at least taken medicine at 2, so far the fever hasn't gotten over 100, so that's good. I also noticed this morning the lovely green crusty stuff caked on his nose from sleeping, and when I got home it was oozing out his poor baby has sinus infection! He barely ate anything for dinner, and put himself to bed (with Howie's help) before I was done bathing Sam...he didn't want a bath. Sam was a doll when I was putting her bed...she put her doll Chloe to bed and then we had to whisper after that so we didn't wake her. Chloe's eyes close when she's laid down. Then apparently I was spending too much time tucking Sam in with all the whispering, she told me to "get out of her room now" which TOTALLY cracked me up!! DJ was already asleep when I went in to tuck him in.

Now, I'm heading out to Bingo again in a few, which is why I'm blogging early....I already have to hide the eggs when I get home, no way am I sitting here at that time too! :)

Happy Easter!

Til next time...God bless!

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