Friday, April 29, 2011

If I didn't know better, I'd have thought

Today was Saturday!!

Howie was home today in lieu of working this coming he got up with the kids, and I slept til I heard chainsaws at, not a nightmare on Elm Street...but in my side/front yard. The fellow who cut the trees down informed me last nite that he had a couple hours and would come over and saw thru the trunks of the massive tree for Howie since he knew the chainsaw Howie has wouldn't do the job. So nice of him!! And I'm sure Howie greatly appreciated the help...many hands make light work! :D

So I got up and the kids had already eaten but weren't we got that underway and then I had my breakfast. Somewhere around 10 it was decided that the truck was going to get a tune up from the wood fella's friend (he also helped last weekend with the trees) as he's a off went the Durango to get much needed service! Almost 2 years ago now since it last had a tune up. That's a lot of miles!

I got started on laundry and dishes...the kids were in and out of the wasn't raining (yet) or sunny (for more than a couple minutes) but it was chilly (is it REALLY end of April!?!?) so when they got chilled or hungry they'd come inside. After lunch tho, they ended up outside for the most part since the kids next door also came out to play. That left me to nicely make some split pea and ham soup! Such a yummy soup! I also kept on with the laundry so much that I had time to wash the sheets, dry them and put them back on the bed!!!! Talk about domestic!

The truck came back shortly after 5 and it was then that I realized it was only Thursday...not Saturday! Which meant I had an Avon meeting in town to get ready for. YIKES!! And then Howie asks me to feed the kids before I leave...oy! Got them taken care of, went and changed and then tried to leave....but Howie needed my help getting the boat on the trailer I quick helped him and then took off before he could ask me to do anything more.

Meeting was short and sweet! With her doing more meetings more often, it means there's less to go over all at one time! I like this concept. And of course, I love freebies! I did learn a new trick tho...put perfume samples on the back of business cards to hand out!! That's SO easy!!!! One of those smackyourforehead ideas!! While in the meeting we got snow and hail and then rain...seriously!!!! So we've gone thru all 4 seasons in one day! It shouldn't be called global warming...its global cooling!

On the way home, I saw a rainbow amongst an angry sky! Not nearly as angry as the footage I saw of the tornado in Alabama...that was downright scary!!! I'm still waiting on a g/f to check in from there too! When I got home, Howie was still working on the boat and the kids were inside not I got them in pj's and then got their teeth done and meds given. Miss SamSam has started the eye weeping thing today, so I've been giving her an eye drop when I give DJ his...she's FAR worse than he is! Even he's telling her "it doesn't hurt, just relax" lol And when she's all done she says "my sick eye is gonna get better!!! thank you mummy!" What a girl!

Once they were in bed Howie finally sat down for the first time today other than meals...he wasn't sure he'd be able to get up again tho....til I reminded him it was garbage nite. So, once we got the Idol results (HAHAHA LOVE it!!! Buhbye Casey!!!!) he went and put the garbage out and I made the bed up. Fair trade really....I can give myself an extra inch of blankets...shhhhhh lol

Once he was in bed, I watched Grey's (sneaky sneaky Meredith!) and then Private Practice (the Katie encounter scared me!) and then almost got sucked into watching Royal Wedding started at 1 but goes til 7 am here, no way I can do without sleep and have two kids tomorrow! So thankful for dvr! Allows me to tape 2 I picked one American one, and the only Canadian one. Too bad I don't have a tiara to wear while watching it! I shall have a spot of tea tho! :)

Til next time...God bless!

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