Wednesday, April 6, 2011

There's a family legend

That has to do with snow in our family. My grandpa (mom's dad) has/had a birthday on April 10th...and my Grandma always had some rule about Spring and snow on his birthday....kinda like her own personal Groundhog day...lemme see if I can get it right...if it snows ON his birthday its not the last, but if it doesn't snow, Spring is here...something like that. I'll have to get  my mom to clarify.

Why am I talkin about snow? Cuz we woke up to snow this morning!!!!! I kid you not! How tragic!! I was just complaining about the rains, and how even the ducks would be complaining, and we get snow!?!?!? I did not order this!! I want that big bright orb in the sky darnit!!! You know, the one that gives off heat!!! Makes everything green...not white!!! ugh!

Breakfast was super late today thanks to the snow and all the excitement it created among my two chitlins...and to think, they just watched Santa Clause 2 yesterday, wonder if that had anything to do with So finally at 10 I was very hungry and made us breakfast, cereal for SamSam and toast for me and Mr DJ. Sam was last one done too. DJ had the added incentive of seeing the boys next door outside in their snow pants and wanted to join them. I said sure, and Miss Samantha decided to eat a bit faster so she could join them. Got DJ all dressed and out the door, and Sam was in the living room naked ready to get dressed. Made her potty first and then got her dressed...head to toe in warmth....she IS my tropical flower y'know. She goes out to find the boys, I close the door behind her and head up the stairs...I get to the kitchen and the front door opens and all 4 of them are coming in the house undressing while they do so. WHAT!?!?!! Sam didn't even make it off the landing of the front porch!!! All that work for nothing!! Meanwhile, DJ was SOAKED!!!!! You see, under the snow is the mud puddles from yesterday....greeeeat!

So, the 4 of them came in to play while I kept on with was order day and I needed to get it done! Plus its pizza run day, so I called and only one place needed pick up. So at 12 I headed out...the kids went next door to play, which meant I was solo! Crank that radio!!! I was back home shortly after 1 and called to let my neighbour know...she'd said she was leaving at 1:30, but that didn't happen as she forgot about piano the kids stayed there til they got hungry...which was just before 2. I was just fixing myself a lunch, so it was good timing.

Next thing I know, its 4 pm and I haven't showered yet for my Avon meeting I put on T.U.F.F Puppy for the kids and headed to the shower. Howie came home just as I was doing kitty litter, so that was good timing, he was able to lift it up and fill the box for me...and took out the stinky garbage while I showered. I tried on my jeans after...ones a size down from what I wore a month ago...and they fit!!! If not even a bit loose in the butt and legs....YES!!!!!!!!!! I then tried on the other pairs in my closet...and it'll be another month for one pair and maybe two months for the second least by summer!! SWEET!!!! The jeans I've been wearing lately, I can put them on and take them off without unzipping them!

I left about quarter after 5 and headed to pick up a rep in Monroe to go with me to the meeting, and then as I pull in to the drive thru at the bank, I see my neighbour, and I'd asked her daughter to go with us to the meeting, so she got out of the van and hopped into the car and came along. Hope she enjoyed herself even if I did make her stand up in front of the whole group :) Public Speaking is no one's favourite thing, but ya gotta do it!! She is 13, so she needed some prodding.

After the meeting we headed to Micheal's to get more of the yarn I need for the sweater...and I almost fainted when she told me that they had discontinued that shade. I kid you not! About fell over! She did call to the store in Lynnwood and they have 8 skeins, but may not hold it til Saturday when I can get there. *sigh* I really don't want to start ALL OVER again!!! Lord have mercy!

I dropped everyone off and got home about 20 after 9....Howie was up, but heading to bed. So I put DWTS on to see who got booted surprise there!!! Its not really about dancing, it's a popularity contest! Then I hit pause on The Good Wife and made up the grocery list for this week...and then watched it with no commercials. And then Parenthood. Both up to snuff tonite too!! Got the laundry folded and twiddled my thumbs...was too mad at Bernat to pick up my needles and knit! lol

Til next time...God bless!

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