Sunday, April 3, 2011

A little bit of rain

Then some teasing sun.

More rain.

More teasing rain.

Then HAIL!!!! The size of peas!!

Then end the day with rain.


Thankfully we had NO plans for the day!! Nothing. Zip. Nada!!! Which meant I got to sleep in! I woke the first time just before 9, and thought I'd just doze til 9, and woke up at almost 10:30!! Love that! The kids were just finishing their late breakfast when I got up and came out to make mine and Howie's omelet. Once we were done the kids started askin to go next door...I made them wait til 11:30 and then off they went!

They then did a round robin of both houses....I'd have one kid (Sam), then 4, then none, then 4, then 2, then 1, then none, and then DJ and finally Sam. I'm thinking of getting a revolving door for the front door!! AND they were even playing out in the hail when it was pouring down!!!! Sam was inside with me at that point watching it all. And boy was she cranky!!!! One of those "should have given her a nap, but now that its 4pm she's not getting one" moments!  She snapped out of it and went next door for the last lap.

Howie got lights put up in the garage, got the playstation games all organized downstairs, and even played some, got the two new shelves up in the bathrooms and almost cooked dinner on the bbq til it ran out of propane. urgh! I did some puttering too...organized DJ and Sam's closets, worked on their baby books, put clothes away, put dishes away, more freakin laundry, and loaded the dishwasher again

Not a very exciting day, but that was the plan!

I recently read this funny post on another blog I follow and thought I'd share it with ya, but I'll post it separately.

After dinner I bathed the kids and got them in bed. They both went down extremely easy, which I knew they would. As I soon as I sat down with Howie, he said for me to watch what I wanted to...he was going downstairs to play more PS2 games. So I put xbox on and flipped to netflix and found a chick flick. Benjamin Button was my pick, Again I say, I wish Netflix had closed captioning. I complained on twitter, so we'll see what comes of it! I did get a response from someone I don't know that lists all the current methods that netflix does support close captioning and wouldn't ya know it, xbox isn't one of them! ARGH!

I have to say, it was a strange movie to watch!!! And yet quite the story!!! The end had me in tears it was just so beautiful!! If I'd had CC then I'd know more about the movie as there was much whispering...but I got the gist. And the old lady that did a lot of talking, missed everything she said! *shrugs* What can I say?

Til next time...God bless!

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