Friday, April 15, 2011

Is it 5 yet???

No, DJ, not yet!!!

And I wasn't about to explain to him that according to Jimmy Buffet...It's 5 o'clock Somewhere!! ha!

This morning was my morning to sleep in, and I thoroughly loved it!! Could have slept longer even I was that out of it when Howie woke me up. I got up and made breakfast for us and sent him on his way to work. As soon as I was up, DJ was bugging to go next door...he knew K's party was today, but didn't know what time it was for. I made him wait til Howie left for work and boom, the two of them were out the door!!!

Silence IS golden!! I had the next almost 3 hours of quiet it was amazing!!! I got some Avon emails done, did the dishes, folded laundry...glorious mundane things! lol They came home for lunch and that's when the REAL bugging to go to the party started!!! Making him wait 4 hours was torture more for me than for him!!!! But we also talked about time and numbers on the clock. Every time he saw a 5 on there, he was all over it and ready to head out the door...til he realized which number needed to be 5. I tried keeping him busy, but he wasn't having it. And poor Sam...kept saying she was going with, and DJ would remind her "no girls allowed" and she'd get all sobby....lovely cycle!

FINALLY at 5 he headed over...since he'd already taken his present over yesterday, he didn't have anything to carry over today (and the put his present up til today's gift opening) and poor SamSam was just crying at the window. I kept her busy by letting her go on the computer and play in Starfall without DJ's help...turns out, she needs his help as she hasn't mastered the mouse just yet. lol Won't be too long tho, I'm sure!

She and I ate dinner and then headed out to the shed for a special glean of meats and canned goods. Even scored some sugar free ice cream...even says on it that it will act as a laxative if you eat too much LOL That oughta be interesting!!! I'm waiting patiently for Howie to finish eating so I can get some for both of us. When we got home Miss Samantha went into full on tantrum since the boys were outside playing army and she wasn't. So I let her go, and said if she got sent home, she was to come right home! In essence, she crashed her first party!!! They let her stay for cake and presents and then sent them both home about 7:30...just as I was stepping in the shower. I'd busied myself by putting laundry away and cleaning kitty litter and before I knew it, they were home! Oh well, they did good without me...and chattered to me the whole time thru the cat door opening. And they got their pj's on for me.

They went to bed easily and quickly...."waiting" for Howie to get home...which means they fell asleep instantly!!  I'm blogging now to save time...I MUST get up early tomorrow and I'm challenging myself to being in bed by midnite...we'll see!! Hoping we'll watch a Dexter episode too if Howie's up for it.

Ok, off to get that ice cream laxative!!! :)

Til next time...God bless!

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  1. Ice cream laxative?!? Oh my!

    Time is so slow at that age, it's tough. Nice job turning the wait into a lesson. :-)


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