Saturday, January 1, 2011

Happy New Year!!!

I'm having a bad bad day, its about time that I get my way, steam rolling whatever I see...huh, Despicable me!
I'm having a bad bad day, if you take it personal, that's okay, watch, this is so fun to see...huh, Despicable me!

I can't tell you how many times I've listened to this song today...and on purpose!!! So many peeps on fb have been talking about this movie and posting song clips and movie clips from today when the kids and I were out I tried renting it...yeah, its not available til next Tuesday...argh!!! Then I tried getting Inception...and its not available til the 11th....ARGH!!!!!! lol

In fact that song is now gonna be my anthem for 2011!!! Oh, this is so fun to see!! :D

This morning I was supposed to get to sleep in...but it didn't quite work out that way...Sam came to us first and climbed in on Howie's side...then DJ joined us on my side...and Howie left...I tried getting both kids to go with him, but no go...there were almost tears too...mine!!! So I told them if they wanted to stay with me they had to lay still and no talking...Sam lasted 5 minutes...DJ lasted a bit longer before hunger drove him out. So sleeping in didn't quite happen the way I wanted it to!

Howie left for work and I got SamSam out of her diaper...just as I mention that its time to go in panties, she runs away to poop before it comes off...rascal!! She did fight me a bit when I changed her...but went into the undies just fine. And the whole day was AWESOME!!! No extra fluids, and no timers (not since that very first day really) and I'd just ask her if she needed to, or she'd tell me she needed to...and 9 out of 10 times, she really peed!! SO proud of my little big girl!!!! To those who say girls are easier than boys...I laugh in your face!!!! With boys you can direct the flow...girls, its all over the place depending on how she sits!!! So, no, not really easier!! Both my kids "got it" on that first no complaints here!!

Then came the Avon delivery...and leaving the I made her go pee before we put the coats on...and she did!! I'm pretty sure she really missed her diaper when it came time to sit in the car seat...that mother was COLD!!!!! Her little tush is not used to such cold surfaces!! Off we went tho and did our running around. Once the two deliveries were done, we headed to Freddy's for a movie...and to see what's on clearance Before we did that tho, I asked her if she needed to pee and she said yes, so we stopped there first, and she did!! Their behaviour was AWFUL while I was looking at clothes...I'll have to go alone some day soon! Saw some cute shirts!

No movies at Freddy's so we headed to Albertsons to see which ones those Redboxes had...and I got the Expendables and Grown Ups...something for Howie, and something for me! Stopped at the shed to see if some pizza was there for dinner...grabbed one, and headed home. As soon as we were upstairs I got Miss SamSam on the potty...she didn't need to go tho, so that's okay! No wet car seats is awesome!!! No accidents are awesome!!

After dinner the kids and I watched tv while slowing getting pj's on....we were quite late! As we're getting set up to brush teeth, my neighbour Mike came over with their rented copy of Despicable Me!! SWEET!!!! So once teeth were done, we put it in and got comfy to watch it. Howie came home about 15 mins into it and watched it with us...definitely one we want to own! And I want a few minions!! LOL  It was well after 10 by the time they were tucked into bed and instantly fell asleep! So I gave Howie the choice of movie to watch and he chose Grown Ups...he said he was in the mood to laugh....and laugh we DID!!! Funny movie!!! The pairing of Adam Sandler and Kevin James is just hilarious!!! Good movie!!! We did pause it tho to watch the last minute of the Space Needle countdown to ring in 2011....and then back to the movie! As soon as it was done he was off to bed. Now, it's my turn!!!

Til next time...God bless and Happy New Year!!!

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  1. Missy, silly girl, why dont you get Netflicks? $8.00 a month, unlimited movies and you can get them sent right to your tv. No going out, no waiting, no returning, nada.


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